bonno89 Cherry's first kiss
Cheery a 19 years old innocent cute shy girl who never date, never let any boy get close to her, suddenly got a kiss from a stranger in her first day of college and her life change dramatically, that stranger is the most popular devil boy of her campus.This is how the love strory of a devil boy with shy cheery begins.
DivineProctor The Great Divine Tree
Zhao Chi named by the Divine Trees parental system is a tall blonde youth with no memories of his life before being dropped in the world of the Tree with only one goal and a quarter of a billions other people with the same goal, To become the next god. must fight and rule the area around the tree if alone or with new friends it does not matter. The only way to survive is to wage war. Looking for...
Kingofeverything Naruto;The Power of the Western Empire
what if minato and kushina are alive what if naruto was a female what if they abandoned naruto to train mito and memma what if she was banished what if mc was transported to the naruto world what if they met what if they fell in love and got married what if anime movies books and tvshows exist in the west what if they became king and queen journey in this book as they deal...
Wolfick Deep Space Epoch
Ivan Storme was once a billionaire, a man who ruled with money. His company operated in all sectors across Earth and was publicly renowned. However, Ivan had built most of his power with shady and illegal means, often conducting inhumane actions for the sake of profit. When this information was discovered and released to the public, he was forced to flee or face a life sentence behind bars. With...
SuperCat The devil's origin
Boy born without talent, which is why he was shunned by the clan. And always been bullied. Because it is very weak as this.