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Chapter 621: What is This?

Xia Xibei reposted Cui Tong’s post, followed by a smug smiley face.

Looking at the two interacting, fans of both parties and all passersby were flabbergasted.

What was going on here?

[Have I been sleeping for days? Why did I get up and see that it has become like this?]

[I’m sorry, my IQ is too low. I can’t understand it!]

[What kind of scoop is this? Is it juicy or not?]

Everyone was stunned by this strange operation. Weren’t they saying that the two people did not have a good relationship, that they were fighting over roles and men? How come they suddenly became so friendly?

Of course, the most frightening thing was still Cui Tong’s reaction.

She was putting herself down!

For many girls, even if they were in a photo with their best girlfriends, they’d never concede defeat, especially an actress.

But now Cui Tong was sending out her unedited photos. Didn’t this give Xia Xibei a boost?

But this… This was too ridiculous!

At this moment, everyone felt that Cui Tong must have taken some kind of drug. Otherwise, she would not be so mentally disturbed!

Fortunately, some fans who understood the situation came out to speak.

Yesterday’s incident was so sudden and frightening that all the fans who went to visit the show had not gotten over it. Moreover, Cui Tong’s agent also said that they should not tell the story so quickly.

Since the manager had said so, they obeyed. They shut up and did not talk.

Moreover, this matter was very exaggerated. They were afraid that they could not say it right and could potentially bring bad influence to Cui Tong.

After being patient for a day, now that the news was finally online, they couldn’t help themselves.

[Yesterday we visited the show, and then something very… How do I say it? This kind of thing is actually quite scary, but the result is unexpected… Anyway, just one thing— Sister Bei is incredible!]

The blogger who sent out this post was a loyal fan of Cui Tong and had tens of thousands of followers, being one of Cui Tong’s leading fans. She made so many posts, about 90% of which were related to Cui Tong.

As a result, this blog post confused everyone.

Wasn’t she a fan of Cui Tong? Why was she suddenly involved with Xia Xibei?

Moreover, it was said in a clueless way and not many people could figure out what was happening.

Did someone hack her account?

A fan sent a private message to the blogger asking her to explain herself, but only got the reply “Wait for good news,” which was very confusing.

What made Cui Tong’s fans even more confused was that, in addition to this big fan, several other fans had also posted similar content.

[Sister Bei is too handsome! I have a crush on her!]

[I want to say sorry to Sister Bei. Sister Bei you are the best!]

[Sister Bei…]

[Sister Bei…]

Everyone was left speechless.

Holy cow, what the hell was this?!

Had all these accounts

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