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Chapter 1098: The City Lord

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Han Fei breathed a sigh of relief. It required acting skills indeed to brag seriously.

Of course, he was not bragging. He was telling the truth. Although the City of Justice would definitely perish in the water of the sea, one could not lose hope. Countless people in this world relied on a sliver of hope to survive. Without this hope, living was equivalent to death.

In fact, Han Fei had some expectations. He didn’t want this city to be sealed by an unknown force like the Heavenly Desolate City.

Perhaps this city would be destroyed. Perhaps most of these youths would die in battle.. However, perhaps one or two would be able to escape alive?

In any case, the longer he stayed in the illusion, the more Han Fei felt that it was more than an illusion! Every person here seemed to have existed before.

Now, being able to regenerate in an illusion might be the result of a monstrous force. It might not be a coincidence that these people could exist forever in the illusion. At least, someone wanted to remember these heroes who had pa.s.sed away.

At this moment, Han Fei did not know that in the depths of the City of Justice, someone was standing on the clouds and watching the scene quietly.

That person muttered, “There’s nothing to destroy our human race, not even the heavens and earth. s.h.i.+t, my awareness isn’t even as high as a little brat’s. Sigh, I feel a bit ashamed.”

With a thought, a voice sounded. “This kid is not bad. He has a high level of awareness and has the bearing of a king. Bring him to my Avenger. I will personally nurture him.”

Of course, Han Fei didn’t know what would happen to him because of his bragging. He just wanted to know why the City of Justice was called the City of Justice. What did it mean? That was all.

Han Fei was strong, so he entered the inner city easily.

Because his perception range was very large, Han Fei swept with his perception and found a statue of the Sea G.o.d standing more than 400 kilometers away.

To be precise, Han Fei thought, this statue of the Sea G.o.d looks very familiar. Is it my mother’s statue? It must be. Otherwise, why would it look familiar? Especially after seeing my mother’s shadow… Anyway, I can see her anywhere. This means that my mother is much stronger than Old Han.

“Tsk tsk, Old Han! How did you manage to steal my strong mother’s heart? This doesn’t make sense!”

Han Fei didn’t stop.

There were still many people in this city. Regardless of whether it was the Age of Doom or what era it was, regardless of whether it was experts or ordinary people, they all pursued something called life!

Of course, the strong would pursue their own path. Some simply wanted to become stronger, while others wanted to become a king.

For different people, their goals were in stages. And at different stages, their goals had different meanings.

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