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@@He slowly pulled of her skirt and saw her baby blue thong with a small wet spot on it from her hot juices. he smiled and began to kiss her inner thigh... sucking softly on her thigh. "Oh Mr. Thompson" she moaned as he smiled at her... he ran his hands up her silky legs and began to kiss on her clit. he licked using his entire tongue all inside of her wet hot pussy. he then put his lips around her clit and began to moan on it.. sending vibrations up inside her. he moaned uncontrollably as she started to cum a little bit. he stopped and then shoved his tongue deep inside her. she kept moaning louder and he told her to be quiet "shh.. someone will hear u baby" and he kept doing it. she put her hand over her mouth and closed her eyes. she then opened her mouth and start to have an orgasm inside his mouth. he sucked all her juices and swallowed them smiling looking up at her.

"Oh god.. that was wonderful" she said breathing heavily. She saw that he was so hard and pulled him closer to her. he layed on top of her slowly running his hands up her chest and squeezing her nipples hard making her body shake with pleasure.


ok lol im teasing u guys :D keep looking back for the updates!If you wont leave notes then I'll stop writing by the way.


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