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Lisa slowly pulled him on top of her as she felt his huge, hard dick on her thigh. she kissed him and he slowly slid himself inside her. she moaned loudly as she felt him stretch her with his huge dick. she kept kissing him stopping her from screaming. he massaged her breasts as they kissed and he started to pump in and out of her. she felt herself fill with hot juices as a little of her cum slid on his dick. "oh god.." she moaned. he closed his eyes and started to moan himself. "mind being on top lisa?" he asked her. "not at all" she said breathing heavily.

she got on top of him and slowly slid himself into her again. he went so deep inside her she couldnt help but scream softly. she was so horny. she start to ride him arching her back and moving her hips in circles as she felt him grow harder inside her. just then someone knocked on another door to the classroom. "oh shit" he said as he pushed lisa of of her. but lisa's bestfriend jamie came walking in the classroom already. she was just like lisa.. but she had long blonde hair, and deep blue eyes.

"oh my god" she said smiling at lisa. lisa smiled back and sat back on top of mr. thompson. "gjamie.. this could get me fired!" he said shaking "oh.. i wont tell... if i can get some too," jamie said smiling at the both of them. jamie started to take off her skirt and rub herself on the ouside of her thong. "oh god..." mr. thompson said is pleasure as lisa started to ride him again. jamie locked the door so no one else could come in.

jamie took off her shirt and bra showing her 34 b's and began to play with her nipples. "mmm.. guys keep going i love watching," jamie said and walked closer to them. she got to mr. thompson and began to kiss him while lisa kept riding him. lisa started to moan louder and louder as he hit every spot inside her. he kissed jamie back with tongue and looked up at lisa as she satrted to have an orgasm. she started to cum all over his dick and he smiled watching her.

"how about you two girls play?" he asked. he sat up and watched them and lisa sat up with her legs hanging off the desk. jamie walked up to her and kissed lisa with tongue and felt on her big tits. jamie took off her thong and stood their totally naked. lisa got off the desk and put jamie on it. lisa kissed on jamies thighs and started to suck on her clit... then pushed her tongue deep inside jamies pussy. jamie moaned uncontrollably as lisa sucked up her juices.


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