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Seeing Shen Xiaoling's happy face, Hong Xiaofu rubbed his nose: her contentment was his happiest moment.

After laughing with Shen Xiaoling for a while, he took out his diary. He wrote: "24 March 2019, Uncle Chen recommended me the job of bricklayer. I was still a little hungry after lunch, and Uncle Chen shared a steamed bun with me, I am very thankful toward him."

After he wrote that, Hong Xiaofu smiled delightfully. His life had gradually improved. The people he had recently met had been extraordinarily kind, and Hong Xiaofu needed to remember how they had helped him out.

Closing the notebook, Hong Xiaofu carefully placed it back into the desk drawer. Then, he climbed onto the bed, striking a training pose… he fell asleep in seconds.


The following three days, Hong Xiaofu spent most of his time at the construction site. There were no more incidents, and the huge rat never showed again.

On the third day, Hong Xiaofu knew that it would be another few days before he could meet his co-workers. To express his gratitude, Hong Xiaofu brought a bag of oranges with him. Although it was not an expensive gift, he wanted to show his gratitude.

Soon, it was the end of his third day at work. After he collected his pay from the accountant, Hong Xiaofu turned to Uncle Chen and said, "Uncle Chen, I almost saved enough money. I don't know when I will be back."

Uncle Chen looked at Hong Xiaofu happily. He really adored the kid—he was sensible, independent, and never caused anyone any trouble. Anyone his age definitely wouldn't have endured the job for long. Uncle Chen had been a bricklayer for many years, and knew that an average of six thousand bricks a day was the limit. But Hong Xiafu had moved an average of thirty-six thousand bricks a day, and he had even worked for three consecutive days.

"Enough?" Uncle Chen laughed as he patted Hong Xiaofu on the shoulder, "If you have enough, then take a good rest for a few days! Do not work so often, you have to study after all. It's alright if you have to work once in a while, but right now gaining knowledge is key."

"I understand," Hong Xiaofu nodded his head, "I will be going to school tomorrow."

Before he left, Hong Xiaofu rushed to bid farewell to the other laborers, "Goodbye everyone, I might be back at the weekends. Please look after me when I'm back."

The group of laborers laughed. Old Wu commented, "The young had long surpassed the old, you are now the ace of bricklaying, little brother! Ha!" Everyone broke out in laughter.

Chief contractor, Wang Zhen, pondered as he stepped forward. He could not offer money, so he handed his phone to Hong Xiaofu, "Little brother, let's keep in contact. If you need work in the future, let me know! I will introduce you to one."

That's like winning a long-term meal ticket!

Hong Xiaofu immediately agreed, "Thank you, Chief Wang!"

When it was time to bid farewell, the group gathered and waved goodbye. As he left the construction site, Hong Xiaofu took out the money from his small sling bag and counted, it was exactly six hundred yuan.

He could finally buy the drug. To be dead or alive would depend on that!

Taking a bus to Tianfu Commercial Plaza, Hong Xiaofu headed straight to the pharmacy. Fortunately, the process of purchasing the drug was smooth. After all, it was mass-produced, and the demand was low as there weren't many Awakeners on Earth.

Grimacing, Hong Xiaofu took out fifty bill notes to pay and asked for some small change. He took the small container in his hands and lightly sighed.

What a small item. He had had to move bricks for four days to buy it…it did not come easy!

As Hong Xiaofu got back home, Shen Xiaoling rushed out and asked anxiously, "Brother, how was it? Did you manage to buy the drug?"

Hong Xiaofu laughed as he took out the small container, "I bought it. Come, let's go inside and have a look."

The pair of siblings went inside, and Hong Xiaof

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