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Looking at the lines in the notebook, Liu Huajun felt overwhelmed with emotions. He knew that in the past it had not been easy for Hong Xiaofu to care for Shen Xiaolin. Liu Huajun had then helped the siblings whenever he could.

However, seeing Hong Xiaofu's notebook, Liu Huajun realized the extent to which Hong Xiaofu had suffered. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Hong Xiaofu had grown up with the help of the entire community.

For instance…

"19 July 2019. We were left with 3.5 yuan. For dinner, Xiaoling and I bought two steamed buns. Our neighbor, Mister Liu, pitied us and sent us two bowls of soup, we are thankful. We almost saved enough for dinner tomorrow. A steamed bun costs 50 cents. We just need to collect 5 more plastic bottles to have enough money to fill our tummies! Let's work hard!"

"20 July 2019. After school, I was going to collect plastic bottles for money. Mr Li Hong pulled me aside and bought me two breakfast pancakes, I am very grateful.

"12 August 2017. We are running short of money. I had planned to buy a steamed bun with pickled vegetables for lunch to ease the hunger, but Wang Lixuan saw me. He treated me to a meal at the cafeteria, I was extremely full, and the food was delicious! Very thankful to him!"

The entire notebook, which was two hundred pages, was filled with similar entries. They showed Hong Xiaofu's progress and growth. Most importantly, they only recorded the acts of kindness Hong Xiaofu received from others. There were no entries that detailed the sufferings and difficulties that Hong Xiaofu faced.

Liu Huajun then fully understood the reason behind Hong Xiaofu and Shen Xiaoling's prayers. We are God's favorite children...the intention was simple.

It had not been easy for them to grow up safely. It was not as simple as a passing comment that said, "It's true, that's not simple." Without fully understanding their perspective and circumstances, it would be impossible to comprehend the hardships they had endured.

When reading the last entry, which read "I went to move bricks today. Uncle Chen gave me a steam bun," Liu Huajun was especially stunned.

An eighteen-year-old student had actually gone to move bricks to earn a living!

"My dear child," Liu Huajun closed the notebook and smiled as he patted Hong Xiaofu's shoulders, "It must have been challenging for you. But now, it is all good. The monthly student grant of three thousand yuan should be sufficient for the two of you."

Although Liu Huajun appeared to be calm, he felt conflicted with emotions. He had made up his mind—no matter what happened, he would secure a spot in the Awakening Quota! That way, the siblings would be given a monthly grant of six thousand yuan! They would not have to worry about their daily expenses anymore.

"Grandpa, I will be fine!" Shen Xiaoling pouted, and she hummed, "I will be Awakened on my own, I really do not need to trouble you! Although I am still young, I know that it

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