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An improvement in Awakening talent?

Honestly speaking, Hong Xiaofu had seriously considered the matter for several days. He had tried all possible methods, but they were all useless. At his wit's end, it was natural for him to consider alternatives. For him, however, that method was considered a last resort—it was too expensive.

It was 4998 yuan for one! What a concept!

Even if Hong Xiaofu starved for an entire month, he would not have enough money to purchase one. Even if he combined his 3000 yuan student grant with the 1500 yuan training fees Zhao Ming provides, he would still be short of 500 yuan!

But at that moment, Hong Xiaofu had no other options. He had tried all methods, and they had all failed. Now, there was only one option left—it was, for him, the most challenging. Hong Xiaofu was extremely reluctant to try that method, but he had no other choice.

He had to improve his Awakening index and reach the second level. If his Awakening index hit Level 2, perhaps there would be some changes. If a practical skill developed, he would not have to worry about his future.

To be honest, the world had changed. Who knew what might happen in the future? If he was stuck at LV1, how could he protect Shen Xiaoling in times of danger?

Although his current ability seemed to be really awesome, it had remained at the same level.

What if he met a powerful Awakener who wanted to harm Shen Xiaoling? Someone with LV2? Or LV3? Or LV4? Could he still defend his sister? That was hard to determine.

"This…" Hong Xiaofu seriously considered his options.

After all, it was not a small sum of money. After spendingfive minutes thinking about it, Hong Xiaofu gritted his teeth in determination, "Then, let me try this!"

"Oh yeah, that's great!" Shen Xiaoling cheered after she saw that Hong Xiaofu had agreed. She ran outside, "Brother, wait for me, just a little while!"

After a while, Shen Xiaoling returned with four plastic buckets.

The first bucket contained five-cent coins. Shen Xiaoling hurriedly said, "Brother, this bucket has 725.5 yuan. It had 743.5 yuan before. I spent four yuan on chocolates, ten yuan on candied gourd, and in the past two days I added seven yuan to it after collecting plastic bottles."

Then, she opened the second bucket, which was filled with one-cent coins, "There's less money here. Only 102.6 yuan."

The third bucket contained one-dollar coins, "There are two hundred thirty-six yuan here."

Lastly, the fourth bucket were one-dollar bills, "And fifty-six yuan in here."

Then, Shen Xiaoling giggled, "I saved these over the past two years, not bad right?" Then, she mentally calculated the sum. She pouted her lips in dismay, "It's only 1131.1 yuan, we need a lot more…brother, am I useless…"

Hong Xiaofu gently embraced Shen Xiaoling in his arms as he wiped away her tears. He smiled, "No! My sister is the best! You are already very great. You are still young, and what you did has alre

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