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The following day was a Friday. Hong Xiaofu had finally returned to his normal life. After preparing Shen Xiaoling's breakfast, he took his bag and left for school.

When he arrived, his classmates froze momentarily before asking...

"Xiaofu, you finally came to school!"

"Brother Fu, how was it? What progress did you make?"

"That's right, you came to school! So it means that there must be some progress, right?"

As one of the two Awakeners in class, and the one with the higher Awakening index, Hong Xiaofu was quite popular. The main reason for his popularity was his excellent relationship with his classmates. While Hong Xiaofu had been absent, the students had privately inquired about it and were concerned for his well-being.

When he finally returned to school, the reason was naturally revealed.

"The reasons have been revealed," Hong Xiaofu walked to his seat with a smile, and continued, "My circumstances are a little special. But, it is alright now, thank you, everyone, for your concern."

Hearing Hong Xiaofu's words, everyone laughed, "That's right. As the Mascot of our class, you are extremely optimistic.""Yup, just look at his mentality, he will be alright.""We should put in more effort, and aim to be Awakened early!"

As the students broke into a heated discussion, Su Ying poked Hong Xiaofu and whispered, "You… bought the strengthening drug?"

"Yup," Hong Xiaofu nodded, "My Awakening index can only be increased using that, the rest of the methods do not work."

At that moment, Zhao Ming turned around and smiled, "Brother Fu, that's awesome! The legendary strengthening drug?"

Hong Xiaofu laughed, "That is it."

Su Ying asked curiously, "Then, how much did your index increase after one pill?"

Hong Xiaofu whispered, "I had one pill, and it increased 0.222222%. Now my Awakening index is 3.888888%. If I am lucky, I will be an LV2 Awakener after I take another one."

Upon hearing that, Su Ying was stunned. An increase of 0.222222% after one pill!

God, she had been practicing day and night and taking the drug, but she only had an index of 3.46%. But Hong Xiaofu had had an increase of 0.222222% after taking just one pill! That was awesome!

"Awesome," Zhao Ming, who was seated at the front, commented, "If my Awakening talent increased so much with one pill, I would treat the pill like candy!"

Well, he was definitely not flaunting his family's background. In fact, he was being quite conservative about it…

But, even for others, it was impossible to casually buy the medicine. Even for Su Ying, the pills she had consumed had cost her family several thousand yuan, and they could no longer afford it—after all, one could only consume five pills a day, and that would have cost twenty-five thousand yuan. An average family would not be able to afford that.

As they discussed the drug, Zhao Ming looked at Hong Xiaofu and asked curiously, "Oh, right. Brother Fu, the drug is quite expensive,

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