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The bursary had been approved! It was the second good news that Hong Xiaofu had received in the space of a few days!

First, he had made improvements with his score. Then, he had gotten the bursary. He would be getting three thousand dollars every month! With that sum of money, he would not have to worry about not having enough to eat in the future.

"Really?!" Hong Xiaofu exclaimed loudly, "So fast?"

"Yup." Li Hong giggled as he handed a passbook to Hong Xiaofu and said, "They have specially approved it due to your circumstances. Su Ying has not gotten hers yet."

Hong Xiaofu took the passbook and read it carefully. It was a passbook from the Bank of Shencheng. All the teachers used it for their paychecks as well—they would receive their wages on time each month. On the first page of the passbook was Hong Xiaofu's name, as well as the reference number of the passbook and other details.

Below was the first transaction. Current balance: 3000 dollars.

Three thousand dollars, what a heavy figure! A whopping sum of three thousand dollars!

The combined income of him and Shen Xiaoling used to be only slightly more than one thousand and five hundred a month—that day it had doubled! Without doing anything, he could claim his two-month pay from being a replacement gamer!

"Wow!" Su Ying and Zhao Ming exclaimed when they saw the sum of money. They were happy for Hong Xiaofu and they said, "Xiaofu, congratulations! You finally have a proper income! This would help you and your sister settle down!"

Hong Xiaofu certainly understood what they meant. Stability. The most important thing the sum of money brought to him was stability.

Why were there so many people racking their brains thinking of ways to enter the organization? Wasn't the majority of them seeking stability?

After putting the passbook away carefully, Hong Xiaofu turned toward Li Hong, Su Ying and Zhao Ming and bowed deeply. He said, "Thank you, thank you for all the help you have offered to me. I'm very thankful!"

The bow was filled with all his sincerity—Hong Xiaofu appreciated those who had helped him greatly.

He was an orphan who had been left at the entrance of the orphanage. As extreme as it might sound, he had grown up eating in a hundred households.

He used to be so poor that he could not put food onto the table. His neighbors knew about Hong Xiaofu's circumstances, so they would call him whenever they had too much food at home. In school, his classmates knew that he was struggling and they would treat him in the canteen once in a while. Mr Li Hong certainly bought snacks for him to bring back home very often, including savoury crêpes, bento, scallion pancakes, fried cold noodles, and more. Precisely because he had so many kind people around him, he had been living a happy and safe life up until then.

It was kindness, which he had to remember.

"Alright, alright." Li Hong immediately smoothed things over and said, "Look how you've

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