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Senior Officer Fang was anxious—he reckoned that things would be ruined. Immediately but carefully, he asked, "We have sent someone to check out the scene, we are waiting for them to report back about what happened. Teacher Liu, are you free today? If you are free, why not join us to check out the scene?"

After all, Liu Huajun was not someone who would hold the team back. Although he was over seventy years old, Liu Huajun remained vigorous and robust. He immediately nodded, "Go, let's take a look!"

The capital's high-security prison was located in a valley north of Beijing City. Liu Huajunt took Senior Officer Fang's car. After half an hour, the vehicle slowly pulled up into the high-security prison. It housed the country's most dangerous criminals; its perimeter was surrounded by walls that were five meters high. With tight security in place, even a fly would not be able to escape from it.

However, a burglary had happened… How could someone believe that?

Initially, Liu Huajun had refused to accept it, but he believed Senior Officer Fang and his colleagues. If they were unable to resolve a matter, they would make it clear that they could not do it. It was unlikely that they would pull a prank on him and say that a burglary had occurred in the prison.

Soon, they arrived at the crime scene. Several professional military investigators were busy checking it. A middle-aged man was standing at the side, supervising the investigation; he was dressed in a traditional Chinese costume, and had a squared face and strong brows. He was no other than the Prison Chief, Zhou Mingchao.

Zhou Mingchao also had his roots in the military, but his rank was not as high as Liu Huajun's. Nonetheless, he knew of Liu Huajun's identity and his hidden status as a prominent military figure. Although Liu Huajun did not hold any active positions in the military, he still had a strong influence, and the entire army department still treated him with respect.

With such a notable figure visiting, Zhao Mingchao was sweating as soon as they met.

"Don't be so nervous, I'm sure you are not at fault." Liu Huajun patted Zhao Mingchao on the shoulder.

He had vaguely heard about the young man. When he had first started out in the military, Zhao Mingchao had put in the effort to earn credits and work his way up to where he was then, step by step.

It was unlikely that Zhao Mingchao had played a part in the burglary. If he had wanted to play such a trick, he would have done so much earlier. He would not have waited that long.

There had to be a problem—a huge problem.

"Old Liu," at this moment, the soldier in charge of the investigation saluted Liu Huajun before reporting, "The entire crime scene has been checked. No fingerprints were found, and there were no traces of forced entry found on the safe containing the Awakener's performance-enhancing drug."

No fingerprints, no signs of forced entry on the safe. The Awakener's performance-enhancing drug could not have disappeared into thin air, right?

Liu Huajun shut his eyes and thought of all the possibilities. He suddenly asked, "Is the number of prisoners here accurate? Are all of the prisoners accounted for?"

Hearing that, it finally dawned on Zhou Mingchao. At that point, it was impossible to not understand the logic behind it. Zhou Mingchao immediately ordered, "Proceed to do a headcount for all inmates and prison staff immediately."

"Yes, sir!"

The subordinates immediately left to do a headcount.

Liu Huajun sighed and frowned, "The most worrying thing has happened. An inmate must have Awakened, I hope the most wicked has not escaped from prison. Otherwise, it would be as if a bomb had dropped on our population."

Zhou Mingchao broke out in cold sweat, fully understanding Liu Huajun's words. With the recovery of supernatural influence, a new era had begun. It was evident that it had brought about new opportunities and risks. The Awakening of the

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