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Principal Liang reported Hong Xiaofu's incident to the authorities. The story of what had happened also started spreading among the students.

"Hey, have you heard about it? The Mascot of Class 16 has an amazing Awakening power, he can make people get on their knees!"

"That Hong Xiaofu? Are you serious? That power will rule the world!"

"That goes without saying, the live video has been circulating. I heard that the Class Mentor of Class 15, Zhang Yang, has acknowledged him as his big brother!"

"Hahaha! That's awesome! Zhang Yang is one of the strongest Awakeners in our school right? He actually called Hong Xiaofu his big brother?!"

"Yup, he made such a cool entrance and ended up kneeling before Hong Xiaofu. How can it not be true?"

As the saying goes, repeated false reports will lead one astray. At first Zhang Yang was trying to win Su Ying over. However, after what happened and the news had passed from mouth to mouth, the story had turned into Zhang Yang taking the initiative to kneel and begging Hong Xiaofu to be his follower.

The news was shocking.

The whole school talked about it, and all the group chats were in an uproar.

Zhang Yang of Class 15 had been burying his head between his arms from the sheer embarrassment. He was, after all, an Awakener of the Strengthening System with an Integrated Constitution, belonging to one of the best categories of Awakeners. Why did he have to be Hong Xiaofu's follower?!

"I cannot deal with this!" Zhang Yang was throwing a tantrum—he could not contain his anger. He complained, "What's wrong with me? Why did I kneel down, twice!? What is this all about?! Does he have real power to make people kneel down? No way, I don't believe that! Over my dead body!"

Of course, whether he believed it or not had nothing to do with the fact that he had decided to look for Hong Xiaofu on his own.

Who knew if that power was real?

In such circumstances, it was better to believe it than to be sorry. What if it was really true? It would be a tragedy!

Zhang Yang encouraged himself.

"Stay firm and don't waver! Stay firm! Just keep an eye out for him and see if this is real! It will be a disgrace if something goes wrong! If his power is fake, we'll talk about it again!"

He had been feeling down all day and had finally managed to pull through until class was over.

Just as he was leaving, carrying his bag, Zhang Yang saw Hong Xiaofu and Su Ying chatting happily as they walked out of school together. He had really wanted to go forward and say hi to her, but he had seen Hong Xiaofu beside her…

Yup, it would never be too late to revenge. He just had to be firm and not waver.

"Xiaofu, are you going to work on the games tonight?" Su Ying asked as they walked.

Hong Xiaofu had to work, while Su Ying would continue with night study.

Whether or not one would be exclusively scouted by Qinghua University, the general knowledge learned in literacy class still ha

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