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Secretly on the lookout for civilian Awakeners?

Upon hearing that, Hong Xiaofu instantly became nervous, he asked, "Are they still looking for civilian Awakeners?"

"What I meant was that those with a tainted history are being closely monitored. On the other hand, those with a clean history are being hired with a generous salary. I just said catching people out of habit," Liu Huajun laughed out loud, and scratched his head, "After all, our country does not lack money. The government would not be stingy when it comes to such matters. Think about it, with the government's willingness to invest millions of dollars, isn't it easy to gather all civilian Awakeners? Hence, before anyone had the chance to react, the country had managed to gather more than 80% of the Awakeners. The third step would be to set up the Awakeners Ability Centre to monitor and control them all. At the same time, there is another department that is responsible for researching the growth of the Awakeners."

"Oh, that's right," Hong Xiaofu nodded his head vigorously, "My Training Manual is developed and written by that department."

"Basically, it is." Liu Huajun sighed softly and gave Hong Xiaofu a meaningful look. He continued, "Xiaofu, do you know why there is a disparity in the number of resources given to civilian Awakeners and soldier Awakeners?"

"Yes, I know," Hong Xiaofu replied, "The military forms the foundation for national stability. Hence, the military's power needs to be strong enough to suppress the civilian population to ensure the harmonious development of society. I understand this."

Listening to Hong Xiaofu's words, Liu Huajun was surprised. As an old man, he had met countless young people in his lifetime, but only a few were able to understand things like Hong Xiaofu could. The majority of young people would comment that it was unfair for soldiers to be allocated most of the resources while civilians had little to none. They hated injustice and differential treatment.

But they never considered the consequences—what would happen if the military couldn't control and suppress its citizens? Notably, in such an era of aura resurgence, how would ordinary people survive? Who could guarantee that the powerful civilian Awakeners remained lawful? What if there was an evil group of Awakeners? How disastrous would it be if Awakeners turned against humanity?

"If you can think this way, it means that I have made the correct judgement," Liu Huajun said as he reached out to lightly pat Hong Xiaofu's shoulders. He smiled, "I've told you these today because I mainly wanted you to understand that peace and harmony are hard to come by. Who knew that a little rascal like you would be more open-minded than I am."

Hong Xiaofu smiled from eye to eye, "Mister Liu, as you said...who would be willing to fight in times of peace?"

"That is true. Who would be willing to fight in times of peace…" Liu Huajun leaned against the back of the chair as he loo

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