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Hong Xiaofu lived in a bungalow with a yard in an old town near Shengyang Research High School.

At a time where one could strike gold overnight, there were plans to demolish the town that Hong Xiaofu resided in. Of course, it was not a big deal for the Chinese, as they were used to moving.

However, that was not the point. The point was that all the houses in the town, with more than 20 households in total, belonged to Hong Xiaofu's landlord and that… was awesome.

Standing in front of the no.122 unit, Hong Xiaofu opened the door and entered the courtyard as he shouted, "Xiaoling, I'm back!"

Just as the words left his mouth, a figure pounced on Hong Xiaofu.

It was a twelve-year-old little girl. She was nearly five foot two and had a pretty face, with big, bright eyes and a friendly smile. She was wearing a white dress.

"Brother, you are finally home!"

It was Hong Xiaofu's little sister, Shen Xiaoling.

She ran to Hong Xiaofu before halting right in front of him. She sniffed and exclaimed, "Wait, that's a familiar scent! It smells like machinery parts!"

Upon hearing that, Hong Xiaofu was at a loss for words, "How is your nose so sensitive? How do you even know this scent?"

As Hong Xiaofu said that, he reached into his bag and pulled out a freshly cleaned device.

He had found it on the side of the street on his way back home. As he knew that Shen Xiaoling would like it, he had decided to bring it back home.

In the end, ShenXiaoling had not noticed the smell of breakfast crêpes in his bag; instead, she had smelled the machinery device he had brought home.

It was a mystery how Shen Xiaoling's mind worked... didn't girls usually enjoy eating and beauty? How did his sister start gaining interest in such a messy hobby?

"This is so beautiful!" Shen Xiaoling exclaimed happily the moment she saw the machinery piece. She quickly grabbed the item from Hong Xiaofu and carefully examined it from all angles, "This should be… it's a–"

After examining the object for a while, Shen Xiaoling could not figure out what it was. However, that did not affect her mood at all. She pulled Hong Xiaofu into the house and said, "Brother, come to my workshop! I have something to show you!"

Hong Xiaofu replied, "What have you found again?"

Who knew that a 12-year-old could have a workshop?

Of course, the workshop was just the garage that came with the bungalow unit and it was about a dozen square meters and not considered large.

Shen Xiaoling seems to have an innate habit of collecting items, and the entire garage was filled with strange machinery parts that she had accumulated.

The larger items included car shock absorbers and vehicle-related parts, while the smaller items consist of things like circuit boards and steel screws. As long as the items were related to some sort of machine, they could be found in Shen Xiaoling's workshop.

A small object appeared before Hong Xiaofu's eyes. The object that was placed on the table was about three centimeters long and a centimeter wide. The material was rather peculiar: it exuded a dark light, giving the object the shape of a diamond. Most importantly, there were complex, intricate patterns found on its surface.

"What is this?" Hong Xiaofu asked as he stepped forward to inspect the object.

Shen Xiaoling had managed to drill a hole through it. She picked it up and pushed a black rope through it before handing it to Hong Xiaofu, "Brother, I found this in the courtyard today. Shall I make it into a necklace for you?"

"Sure!" Hong Xiaofu took the newly made necklace and wore it on his neck. He smiled and replied. "Whatever you say this is!"

The two of them laughed for a while before Hong Xiaofu took Shen Xiaoling's hand and guided her back into the room, "Alright, let's go and eat."

Shen Xiaoling smiled sweetly and answered, "Okay!"

One should always have habits in life.

Hong Xiaofu and Shen Xiaoling sat at the

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