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"Brother, you don't have to say anything," Li He reached out and patted Zhang Yang on his shoulder. He smiled, "I believe your words, you are now my friend! Rest assured, if you are faced with any troubles in the future, let me know. I will take care of them for you! When I finally get together with her, I will invite you to my wedding!"

Zhang Yang smiled from ear to ear—he shouldn't have started bragging. In a moment, he would know Hong Xiaofu's power, and would suffer under his control!

Even the Director of the Archives Bureau Gene Awakening Office, Han Feng, who always appeared to be calm, had turned pale after meeting Hong Xiaofu. Li He and his mere fire power…

He coughed.

"No way. After all, Brother He, you are competent," Zhang Yang decisively backed out of the game. "Actually, I have already confessed to her, but she rejected my confession. That is fine. Love is like a battlefield, anyway. Should I introduce you to her now?"

Li He rubbed his hands in anticipation, "Okay! What are you waiting for? Let's hurry!"

Zhang Yang turned to his father and Li He's father, and said, "Father, you can eat with Mister Li first. My classmates are at that table, I will bring Brother He to meet them!"

Zhang Minghui nodded with a smile, "You should greet your classmates, go ahead."


The dishes that Zhao Ming had asked the staff to prepare for them were of high standards: five lobsters, each costing 998 yuan; one birdsnest per person, a bowl of sea cucumber porridge each; on the table, there were ten Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, a salmon sashimi platter, an octopus stew and many more seafood dishes, all top quality. The meal would have cost 5000 yuan each!

Although Hong Xiaofu had no idea how much they were, Su Kuang knew in his heart that all the dishes would have cost more than ten thousand yuan.

"Brother Fu, Class President Su," Zhao Ming diligently poured beer for the people at his table. After all, it was the weekend. Su Kuang drank the Maotai while Su Ying, Hong Xiaofu, and Zhao Ming had beer. Shen Xiaoling, on the other hand, was drinking soda. As he poured the beer, Zhao Ming said, "Today, I have arranged for this gathering as I really wanted to ask the two of you for advice. I am getting really anxious. Now that the new age has begun, everyone is Awakening. My Awakening talent score is only over 80, and it is unclear when will I Awaken, so I am getting really nervous about it."

Zhao Ming's words were sentimental.

The world was undergoing several drastic changes. It was then still unclear how much had changed, as those who had to work, worked; those who needed sleep, slept. However, some changes had been revealed. It had become universally acknowledged that if one did not go through the Awakening, they would be inferior.

Although he had a financial advantage over others, what if money was not going to work in the future?

"Actually, I did not feel anything special," Su Ying carefully ate the porridge as she pondered for a while. "You were also there for my Awakening. My Awakening score was 97. I was very nervous about it initially, but I relaxed a little after a while—after Xiaofu teased me about it. I saw the high score, I was happy, and then the Awakening happened."

Su Ying's words were the truth. Zhao Ming was with them, and he knew that was definitely what had happened. That, however, was precisely why Zhao Ming was upset: how could he be surprised and happy?

"Brother Fu, it seems like I can only rely on you now!" Zhao Ming rushed over and held Hong Xiaofu's hands together, as though he was worshiping him. "How did you Awaken? I knew that you were Awakened when your test index showed 3.6666%. They said that you have the highest Awakening index among all the students in university! How did you feel when you Awakened?"

Zhao Ming's questions came as a shock. Hong Xiaofu really had not felt a single thing when he had Awakened. Everything had happened natura

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