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Now that she had decided to go out, Sheng Xiaoling immediately ran into the house and took out a cream colored canvas bag. She carried the bag on her shoulders before rushing to retrieve her piggy bank.

Everything she saved was to buy snacks. Shen Xiaoling was incredibly excited as she felt that her life was improving. Since she was younger, she had been watching videos shot in the 1970s and 1980s on the internet with her brother. After watching, Hong Xiaofu would say to her, "Look, although our lives are difficult, it is much better than what it was like in the past." That comment made her feel particularly happy and at ease.

"We can buy candied gourd today, hohoho!" Shen Xiaoling poured out the contents from her piggy bank. After gathering ten coins, she was going to put the rest back as she usually shared the candied gourd with her brother—they would take turns to eat it. One for him, one for her.

That day, however, Shen Xiaoling pondered as she looked at the six five-cent coins. She gritted her teeth as she took out another four coins, "Brother's income has doubled, so we can get two sticks of candied gourd, one stick for me, and one stick for my brother! How lavish!"

She happily packed up, and after Hong Xiaofu was all ready, they hit the streets.

Speaking of that, the pair of siblings seldom went out. In the age of materialistic desires, ordinary people who casually headed out to buy something would easily spend more than 80 yuan. Hong Xiaofu and Shen Xiaoling could not afford such luxuries. Hence, they had decided to simply not go and avoid all temptations.

But humans are social animals, and it is not good to be cooped up at home all day. So the pair would occasionally head out to the streets for window shopping. Then, they would buy the cheapest necessities before heading home.

"Shencheng Transport Authorities would like to remind you that there are thousands of roads and safety comes first. If driving is not standardized, your family will be in tears."

In those days, the slogan by the Shencheng Transport Authorities, Wandering Planet, was trendy. As the siblings hit the main street, they could hear it blasting from the patrol cars.

Shen Xiaoling held onto Hong Xiaofu's hands and smiled, "Brother, my classmate told me that this movie is great. It tells the story of how the sun is going to explode in the future."

"I have heard about it, too," Hong Xiaofu looked at his sister and said, with a wide smile, "Let's go watch it when I receive my student grant. We would get 3000 yuan, and it would not be as crowded as it is now. Then, we will also get to enjoy the feeling of having the entire theater to ourselves!"

"Really?!" Shen Xiaoling's eyes immediately lit up, glistening as if stars were flashing inside them, "That's awesome! We can finally watch a movie in the cinema!"

Shen Xiaoling's words were absolutely true. They had never watched a movie in the cinema before. The price of a regular movie ticket cost over 40 yuan and 3DMAX tickets cost close to 70 yuan. How many steam buns could one buy with that?

At that moment, upon hearing that she could finally watch a movie in the cinema, Shen Xiaoling instantly felt that her life had improved. She was such an innocent and sweet girl—she had never blamed God. She had never questioned why she was an orphan, why she had to live in poverty with no proper food and clothing, and why she had no family in a world of eight billion people.

All Shen Xiaoling thought about was how days would get better. In the past, she only ate steamed buns and pickled vegetables—now she would get to enjoy rice. Before, she had slept in a hole under the bridge, but now, she has a place to call home. Although she was born an orphan, she had someone she called her brother, who doted on her.

Shen Xiaoling only focused on the privileges she had, and how her life had improved in comparison with the past. She never blamed others, and had always been

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