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10 This Ability is so Scary—Too Scary! I Can’t Afford to Mess With It!

"Xiao… Xiaofu," Su Ying walked beside Hong Xiaofu and carefully asked, "Does your ability differentiate between the two genders?"

It was not surprising that she would be worried. Who knew whether Hong Xiaofu's ability had any effect on girls. It would be a tragedy if she had to kneel involuntarily.

"I am not so sure myself." Hong Xiaofu scratched his head aggressively in confusion. He was also shocked by his unusual ability. The ability to get others to kneel? What a mess…

But, as Su Ying had treated him quite nicely, he quickly whispered, "It should be fine, I have no control over this ability and I do not know how to initiate it. It would be fine."

Su Ying quietly acknowledged it and replied cheerfully, "Let's hope so. But no matter what it is, the most important thing is that you do have an ability!"

As long as one had an ability, it would secure them a place in Shencheng Engineering University.

Zhao Ming, who was seated at the front, also turned around and said with a smile, "Xiaofu, you have such a powerful ability! I have never liked Zhang Yang's arrogant attitude, and now he has found himself in such an embarrassing situation! What a tragedy! He even knelt twice in a row. Hahaha! How refreshing is that!"

Hong Xiaofu didn't reply. Should he be so pleased about others' misfortune?

Just as the students were discussing among themselves, Li Hong entered the classroom. A student immediately spoke up, "Teacher! Hong Xiaofu's ability is superb! It's really amazing!"

Upon hearing that, Li Hong became really excited and inquired anxiously, "Xiaofu, what is your ability? I'm so happy that you finally found it!"

Before Hong Xiaofu could respond, all the students started talking about it.

"Xiaofu's ability is fantastic, he can ask people to kneel!"

"I was dumbfounded when I saw it. Zhang Yang from the class next door came to our class and he knelt in front of Hong Xiaofu, twice!"

"Yeah! Zhang Yang, who possesses such great ability, also had to kneel! Our Brother Fu is invincible!"

Li Hong was silent. Asking people to kneel? How random…

Li Hong was speechless. He looked at Hong Xiaofu and carefully asked, "Real—really?" He took two steps back and pondered.

Thinking about it, that ability was really unique, and no one could really afford to fight him. If he got upset, he could just slap them on the knee and make them kneel. Wouldn't that be embarrassing?

Hong Xiaofu felt very uncomfortable. He replied, "I am not so sure myself, I did not feel a single thing…"

At that moment, a student stepped forward and showed Li Hong a video, "Teacher, I recorded the entire incident!"

Li Hong took over the phone and watched. In the video, Zhang Yang was trying to perform his stunt in front of Su Ying, but he had ended up kneeling down before Hong Xiaofu twice.

That… that ability… was unbelievable… making people kneel! What a strange power…

"Well, the most important thing is that you have an ability!"

Without another word, Li Hong took the phone and ran out of the class. "You can continue with the class! I am going to speak to the Principal about this!'

He then ran up the stairs.

The student remained silent.

The Principal was going to find out about Xiaofu's ability… wow, what a great scene to picture. It was too good to even imagine it.


Li Hong ran to the Principal's office with the mobile phone in his hands. He burst into the office and rambled, "Principal Liang, Hong Xiaofu's ability has appeared!"

"Oh, really?" Principal Liang immediately put down the documents he was holding—he was extremely excited. "What is it? This is not a trivial matter! Your class has two Awakeners this time. I have already reported on it. So, what did Hong Xiaofu do? Come in here, take a seat and talk about it."

As the Principal of the school, Liang Deshun had been responsible with his duties.

With the Aura Resurgence, he had paid special attentio

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