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Looking at how excited Shen Xiaoling was, Hong Xiaofu smiled. It was a blissful smile.

Sometimes, happiness is just so simple. A piece of chocolate, an ice cream, a shirt which is not necessarily expensive but that you like very much. We are all motivated by our wants, but it is also the root of our troubles. Very often, people are not content no matter how much they earn, because they always think that it is not enough. On the other hand, some people who may be only earning about a thousand dollars a month are very happy with their life. People can be very different.

"Brother." Shen Xiaoling finally quietened down. She began going through her wardrobe and asked, "What do you think I should wear tonight?" She took out a few outfits as she spoke—a sweatshirt, a dress and a turtleneck. None of them were branded. The most expensive one would be the dress, but it was only slightly above a hundred dollars. However, that was the best outfit she had.

She thought the dinner was important. She did not want to lose to Su Ying—she might steal her brother!

"You should go with the turtleneck." Hong Xiaofu picked out that outfit carefully for Shen Xiaoling. The temperature in Shencheng was still low. Hong Xiaofu was worried that Shen Xiaoling might catch a cold if she did not wear thicker clothes, although the dress was prettier. She was fine with it. Since her brother said that the turtleneck was better, she trusted him and went to change immediately.

She was done in an instant. When she walked out, she giggled as she turned around and asked, "Brother, do I look good?"

Shen Xiaoling tied her hair in a ponytail and blinked with her big eyes. She had a pretty figure and was five foot four. She had a long neck—the white sweater made her look like a beautiful swan.

"Nice, you certainly look nice." Hong Xiaofu smiled as he praised her, "My sister would look good in anything she wears." They both giggled.

Hong Xiaofu also put on his best outfit before they left the house. When they reached the road junction, Shen Xiaoling saw the mart at the side of the road. She screamed excitedly, "Brother, let's go! we need to buy chocolates!"

She held Hong Xiaofu's hand and led him into the mart. She walked directly to the section where the chocolates were. Looking at the superb range of brands that were available, she quickly found the Dove chocolate, which cost two dollars.

She hesitated, "Which one should I get? Nuts? Milk? Dark chocolate?"

She thought carefully before speaking again, "Hmm, the last time I ate this was six months and eight days ago. I had the milk one… I want the nut flavored one this time."

She carefully picked up two pieces of nut flavoured Dove chocolate, then took out the eight fifty cents coins she had and placed them onto the counter one by one. "Two pieces of Dove chocolate!"

"Alright." The young lady at the cashier smiled and nodded her head.

"I finally got to eat my chocolate!" As she walked out of the mart, Shen Xiaoling cheered loudly. She handed one piece to Hong Xiaofu and her face lit up, "Brother, I'm so happy! Shall we eat it together?"

Looking at how excited his sister was, Hong Xiaofu grinned and nodded, "Sure, let's eat it together."

They both prayed, "We are our heavenly Father's favorite children!"

Shen Xiaoling opened the wrapper carefully and took a small bite. Feeling the chocolate melt in her mouth and enjoying the bittersweet aftertaste, Shen Xiaoling felt indescribable happiness! Six months and eight days. It had been a whole six months and eight days since she had last eaten chocolate. She finally got to eat it again, and she was extremely happy.

As they were eating their chocolate slowly, a black Audi A8L suddenly stopped beside them. Su Ying quickly alighted from the car. When she saw them, she smiled brightly, "Have you been waiting for long? You are eating chocolate." She immediately noticed Shen Xiaoling and said, "Wow, Xiaofu, is th

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