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At that moment, Little Grey Wolf broke down.

He was also an Awakener. An awesome Elemental Awakener, a person who could control fire. Even the pirates knew that. In the future, he might also be an ACE. Yet, in the end, he knelt down because of a game. He even did it quickly. Most importantly, it happened after trying to go back on his words! How embarrassing was that?

It even caused his knees to start hurting.

The Little Grey Wolf stood up without a word and returned to his seat. Without a pause, he started explaining himself,

In the live broadcast room, there was a user named Le He, and what a great experience it was! An Elemental Awakener with the fire ability was extremely rare, there were only a few of those in the country. But now that there was an Awakener whocould make others kneel…how amazing was that?

Little Grey Wolf was particularly boastful. In the end, however, he had knelt down inexplicably in front of thousands of people. There was no way he would not admit to it! But what should he do? The incident had happened, and there was no way to continue denying it.

Little Grey Wolf swiftly decided to go with the flow:

After explaining himself, he stood up to go to the bathroom. As he stepped forward, his mind was filled with so many thoughts about the kneeling incident that he did not notice a puddle of water on the floor.


The Little Grey Wolf once again fell and knelt down right in front of all the viewers.

Everyone was silent, including Hong Xiaofu and Little Grey Wolf himself.

The audience went crazy—the comment section was flooded with messages!

<66666666666666 host, did you just kneel another time because you weren't sincere the first time?>

As the onlookers watched the scene unfolding, some of them started commenting and making remarks on the side. Little Grey Wolf blushed with embarrassment and discomfort, quickly escaping the room.

After watching Little Grey Wolf's tragedy, Hong Xiaofu's heart started racing.

Was his Awakening talent really to make others kneel?! If what happened then was true, it seemed that, as long as the other party was nowhere near kneeling, his power wouldn't be activ

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