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Zhao Qimin was sweating all over.

The old man before him was truly someone of great reputation and rank, it was not that easy to hesitate. More importantly, he had military blood in him. Despite being more than seventy years old, he was still a courageous and upright man. He was a real deal, and there are many government officials whom he had watched grow up. He was certainly someone one couldn't afford to offend.

However, the Awakener Quota was undoubtedly highly valued. In the black market, it had already reached a price of five million dollars. While very few people were willing to pay the price, it was constantly rising.

From Zhao Qiming's perspective, he had been handling cases which involved a hundred million dollars—five million was, therefore, not really a big sum. However, there were regulations stating that the rights to Awakening couldn't be transferred to another party. He was caught in quite a situation.

"Alright." Zhao Qimin had thought about it for some time, but had eventually given up—the old man before him was more powerful.

"Old Liu, please don't do anything rushed. If you rush this matter, I might get into big trouble. Why don't we do it this way—I will submit an appeal to the upper heads and see if they allow it. However, could you just give me a hint of the person you are so passionate about helping? The prince or princess of which family?"

Zhao Qimin was extremely curious. As a matter of fact, when Zhao Qimin's son wanted to acknowledge Liu Huajun as his god-grandfather, Liu Huajun had rejected him without thinking twice. Now, Liu Huajun not only had a god-grandson, but also a god-granddaughter. Just what kind of background did they have?

"What prince and princess." Mentioning about Hong Xiaofu and Shen Xiaoling, Liu Huajun couldn't hide the happiness on his face as he smiled proudly, "They are a pair of orphan siblings who live next to me. I have watched them grow for the past two years and they are really nice people."

Orphans? And they were siblings? Who the hell were they to have such a great honour? Judging from Old Liu's expressions, he was extremely delighted to have adopted the pair of siblings. Were they really so great?

"I see." Zhao Qimin became more careful with his questions, "Are you certain that they can be trusted?"

When Liu Huajun heard that, it seemed to him that he was facing some kind of fool, "Aren't you stating the obvious? Why would I want them as my god-grandchildren if they couldn't be trusted? I even came here personally to get the Awakener Quota, are your senses deteriorating?"

Zhao Qimin was sweating buckets. The old man had an evil tongue.

The Governor had also quickly realized that the god-grandchildren Liu had adopted were protected—they could not be harmed!

"Oh right. Old Liu, you mentioned that your god-grandson has been Awakened?" That was still good news and Zhao Qimin was still concerned about the recent recovery of supernatural influence. He asked, "What is his power?"

Liu Huajun was even happier when he brought this up as he explained, "My god-grandson's power is beyond interesting. I have asked about it when we went for our morning run today. What do you think it is?"

Zhao Qimin was dumbfounded. How on Earth could he guess it? There were so many! He still asked carefully, "What is it?"

Liu Huajun boasted excitedly, "He can make people get on their knees! Amazing, right?" He looked at Zhao Qimin as if trying to get some underlying meaning across. He was laughing like a sly fox as he said, "If you don't get the Quota for me, I'll bring him along to look for you in all your meetings."

Zhao was instantly scared. The power to make people kneel down!? Such insane powers actually existed? He was speechless.

If he was in a meeting and this boy appeared, then he would be kneeling down in an instant—he would be a laughing stock!

"No!" Zhao Qimin's forehead was full of cold sweat as he said, "Old Liu

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