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Li He had only come over for Su Ying. He was convinced they were a match made in heaven. Ice with fire, how compatible was that?

However, after he sat down at the table, he was not in a rush to express himself. Usually, getting to know someone step by step was the way to go. If he was going to be too obvious from the start, he would have scared people off. He did not boast like he had earlier on. Everything he did was prim and proper.

Hong Xiaofu looked at him carefully, but he did not say anything. After all, it had not been a glorious scene that he had knelt during the broadcast yesterday. He would not add fuel to the fire...

Zhao Ming started introducing everyone at the table to Li He, "Brother He, let me introduce them to you." He first pointed at Su Ying and said, "This is our Class Monitor, Su Ying, and that is her dad."

Li He smiled and stretched out his hands while saying, "Oh, hello!"

Su Ying was being polite—she stretched out her hand and just gently shook his before taking it back quickly as she replied, "Hello."

Li He also stretched out his hand toward Su Kuang, "Hi, sir."

"Young man, you will do amazing things." Su Kuang smiled as he shook hands with Li He and said, "A fire Awakener. I have heard that this power is unique—not easy, not easy."

So that was his future father-in-law?

Deep down in his heart, Li He was delighted, but did not show any expressions when he looked toward Su Ying and said, "You are too kind with your words, sir. I'm not that good. I'm average, just average."

Zhang Yang, who was sitting at the side, was silent. That was not what he had said earlier. Didn't he say that he did not fear anyone in the city? He was acting humble?

Zhao Ming was unaware of their underlying motives; he thought Zhang Yang had brought Li He over purely to get to know one another. After all, they were all Awakeners, they were bound to meet each other in the future. Zhao Ming went on to introduce Hong Xiaofu, "Brother He, this is Hong Xiaofu, the Mascot of our class. He is also an Awakener, his power is—"

As he said that, Hong Xiaofu quickly kicked Zhao Ming from under the table and he quickly took over the conversation, "My power is not amazing, it is definitely not as good as that of Brother He."

Hong Xiaofu thought of it simply. Li He had just knelt down the day before. That day, he was here. It would be embarrassing. He had gotten onto his knees on their first meeting, it would not have been nice to let people know… He didn't want to mention that. He extended his hand and said, "Please look out for me in the future."

"Sure, no problem." Li He smiled and held his hand as he said, "If you need help with anything in the future, feel free to look for me. I'm a good friend of Zhang Yang, that makes all of you my friends too—don't stand on ceremony with me!"

Everyone took their seat as Zhao Ming also briefly introduced Shen Xiaoling. At that point, the introduction was somewhat don

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