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After dinner ended at around eight o'clock that night, Hong Xiaofu brought Shen Xiaoling home.

"Oh, I am so full," Shen Xiaoling rubbed her little belly and smiled, "Brother Li He's treat was really delicious."

Li He had initially wanted to treat the siblings to a high-end restaurant, but Hong Xiaofu had declined as they had not done anything. In the end, the trio decided to dine at a restaurant that looked clean enough. It had not been a feast; in fact, the trio had merely ordered two dishes, a soup and a couple of bowls of rice. For Shen Xiaoling, however, that was a lavish dinner.

"Now that you are full, go finish your homework." Hong Xiaofu said as he rubbed his sister's head. After all, Shen Xiaoling was still in junior high, and knowledge was essential.

Shen Xiaoling soon began humming as she completed her homework. Hong Xiaofu cleaned the dirty candied gourd before leaving on a plate next to Shen Xiaoling's hand. Shen Xiaoling took a bite and exclaimed with a smile, "It's so sweet!" Then, she added, "Brother, give the good one to grandpa."

"Okay," Hong Xiaofu nodded in agreement. Hong Xiaofu removed the strawberries from the stick and cut them into smaller pieces before transferring them onto a plate. He then took the plate and knocked on neighbor Grandpa Liu Huajun's door.

Soon, he opened it. When he saw Hong Xiaofu, he immediately broke into a broad smile, "Oh, Xiaofu, you are here?" Then, he caught a glimpse of the strawberries Hong Xiaofu was holding and gasped in surprise, "Is that for me? Hurry, come in."

Hong Xiaofu chuckled, "Yes. I didn't know if you would like it grandpa, but I still brought some for you."

"Look at you," Liu Huajun knew that life had not been easy for Hong Xiaofu and that the kid had been struggling to make ends meet. Liu Huajun sighed, "You brought such a treat for me…" Then, he grabbed a toothpick to pick up a piece to try. Liu Huajun grinned so widely that the wrinkles on his face curved into smiles, "That's delicious!" Liu Huajun thoroughly enjoyed the food, and Hong Xiaofu was happy.

After Liu Huajun had eaten two pieces of strawberry, Hong Xiaofu placed the plate on the table and said, "Grandpa, I am glad you liked it. You can continue enjoying it. I will head back to complete my homework."

"Sure, no problem," Liu Huajun smiled, "Go ahead."

Watching Hong Xiaofu leave, Lou Huajun smiled in contentment. He understood Hong Xiaofu's circumstances and knew that it was not easy for Hong Xiaofu to give up his candied gourd. The boy was far more sincere and generous than those good-for-nothing students who gave him lavish gifts such as the Maotai Five Grain liquor.

As he thought about it, Liu Huajun's eyes lit up and he was reminded of his worthless son…

Then, he thought of his useless grandson…

Lastly, he was reminded of the good-for-nothing Zhao Qimin. What a little shit, was it so hard to ask for something? There was still no news from him, was he asking

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