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All the students who were present perked up in interest as they waited for the teacher to brief them about the current situation. They were extremely attentive: it was the first time the school addressed the situation in detail after the resurgence of the aura.

"First of all, I would like to verify the time of Aura Resurgence." Li Hong wrote the words on the blackboard and said, "In reality, Aura Resurgence is used by some novel enthusiasts in our country. The actual term coined by the five international science scholars after periods of research is Genetic Awakening."

As he spoke, Li Hong wrote down the words Genetic Awakening under Aura Resurgence. He said, "In layman terms, this meant that planet Earth had undergone some mysterious changes which resulted in an awakening of human genetics."

The students were all ears, and Zhao Ming suddenly raised his hands and asked, "Teacher, what was this mysterious change?"

"Good question!" Li Hong said, and clapped his hands. He turned and wrote down the words Awakening Concentrate.

"The direct cause of Genetic Awakening is linked to the meteor shower that occured in September last year. According to scientific research, the meteor showers brought an unknown substance to Earth and that substance is known as the Awakening Concentrate. The Awakening Concentrate evaporated and entered our atmosphere. If you are interested in this, you would have known that Awakeners had gradually been appearing on Earth since that meteor shower."

After hearing Mr Li Hong's explanation, the students immediately gained clarity.

The timings of the events matched perfectly. It had been after September the previous year that some humans with extraordinary abilities had started to appear in the country.

In general, the students had noticed, the Awakeners were similar to the mutants in X-Men. The main difference was that the mutants had their powers since birth, whereas the Awakeners's powers appeared later on in life.

Chatter filled the classroom.

"Oh, so it occurs like this. There's the Genetic Awakening, the Awakening Concentrate. It sounds like a science fiction plot!"

"Yeah! This is so cool, it's the first time we've heard that--"

"It seems like the scientists have discovered something incredible!"

Li Hong waited for the discussion to die down before knocking on the blackboard and speaking again, "Okay, these are the current changes that have occured in our world. Let's continue. Since the emergence of the Awakening Concentrate, the number of human Awakeners has increased. As lives among species are equal, genetic changes have also affected other species, including animals and plants, so everyone must be careful. Try to avoid going to secluded and deserted places as we do not know what mutations animals and plants have undergone. It could be dangerous. Do you understand?"

The students replied in unison, "Yes, we understand!"

"Very good." Li Hong nodded satisfactorily

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