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The class had ended. Upon hearing the bell, all sixteen students in the class became visibly nervous.

Class 15's Chairperson, Zhang Yang, would drop by any moment. Of course, visiting was nothing to be worried about, but it was apparent that Zhang Yang was trying to figure out the situation unfolding in their class.

"Su Ying, what should we do?" Zhao Ming turned around, "If he is coming to cause us trouble, should I beat him up?"

Zhao Ming had thought of asking Zhang Yang for his signature, but he had not been able to get it. That could have been an excellent opportunity to settle both the old and new debts. As the rich heir of a respectable family, he had never experienced such anger. No matter what happened, Zhao Ming was determined to settle all past conflicts right there and then.

"Are you sure?" Su Ying shook her head and said, "He's not done anything to you yet... Hang on for now. I want to see what he is going to do!"

Zhao Ming could have chosen not to treat Zhang Yang with respect, but he had to obey Su Ying's words. After all, they were all part of the same team. In addition, Su Ying was a popular member of Class 16. Now that she had Awakened with the Elemental Power to control ice, they had to listen to her. Zhao Ming nodded his head, "Sure, I'll do whatever you say. Call me if you need any help."

Then, he turned to look at Hong Xiaofu, "You are the Class Chairman's deskmate, please take care of her."

'No problem," Hong Xiaofu smiled as he nodded, "I will stay here."

There was nothing unusual about providing strong support for Su Ying.

Just as they were speaking, they noticed several schoolmates starting to look into their classroom with curiosity. There were some from Class 15 and Hong Xiaofu even noticed a few students from Class 1 and Class 2, who had run over to observe the situation.

Zhang Yang had always visited Class 16, but in the past, there was less focus on his actions. Looking at the current situation, it seemed that after the Aura Resurgence, the Awakener's every move would receive scrutiny from others.

Except for Hong Xiaofu.

Before Zhang Yang even arrived, the crowd of onlookers had begun jeering and kicking up a fuss.

"Su Ying, you just date him. I think Zhang Yang is actually quite good."

"Yeah, I agree. Zhang Yang has a good family background and he is a comprehensive Awakener from the Strengthening System. He can take on ten men alone!"

"Such great opportunities are scarce!"

The students in Class 16 confronted them head-on.

"What are you doing here? Su Ying is also an Awakener. She's an Elemental Awakener with the ability to control ice. When Zhang Yang arrives later, he will be frozen into ice!"

"Yes! Although Awakeners from the Strengthening System are strong, we do not care!"

"Su Ying has an Awakening talent index of 3.12%, we are not even sure who will be more intimidated. Why are you being so arrogant?"

That had always been the case

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