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"Ahem." Principal Liang coughed lightly. With Hong Xiaofu around, the atmosphere had become strange. Principal Liang pretended not to hear that and said, "Stop chatting. Zhang Yang, you can go first."

"Oh, okay." Zhang Yang smiled as he stepped forward. He did not only test this once or twice; he would do it whenever he felt like it. He placed his hand onto the equipment comfortably and his results were instantly reflected, "Congratulations, you have been successfully Awakened. You are an Awakener at LV1 with a score of 3.19."

Awakener score of 3.19%!

Zhang Yang was elated when he saw the figure and he exclaimed, "Oh yes! My practice is working! It has increased by 0.04% in a matter of days. With this speed, I will be able to attain LV2 within two months!"

He had his reasons to be this happy.

Looking at the speed at which he was improving, he really would be able to reach LV2 in two months' time. Compared to people his age, it was considered pretty fast.

Seeing how his own student was so capable, Principal Liang was pleasantly surprised, "Not bad at all. Keep going, good luck! You can do it!" Zhang Yang was delighted and he replied, "Be rest assured Principal Liang, I will become the strongest!"

After Zhang Yang finished his turn, Su Ying was next. She was adaptable as she placed her hand on the equipment and her results were also reflected quickly, "Congratulations, you have been successfully Awakened. You are an Awakener at LV1 with a score of 3.18%."


When Su Ying saw the figure, she growled, "It's lower than his by 0.01!" She clenched her fist as she spoke—she was clearly unhappy.

Zhang Yang, "..."

Why was she so against him? Was it his fault that he was good? He had not even been happy for a minute and she had to be a wet blanket. Could they still be friends?!

Actually, when Su Ying had first Awakened, her score had been lower than that of Zhang Yang by 0.01. To the day, she was still 0.01 short. However, it also meant that their Awakener potential was pretty similar.

They had both completed the assessment. Li Tianqi had taken his the day before and had received a score of 3.15%, but he had not started practicing yet. So, everyone turned their attention to Hong Xiaofu.

They were peculiar about him. His power had a crazy aura. Everyone knew that he could make people get onto their knees. However, as to how, when, and who would be made to kneel, no one was sure about.

That was why Principal Liang thought that he should just be respected as the Mascot of Class 16. More importantly, it was because he could not afford to offend him.

"Xiaofu, give it a try and see what your current score is." Principal Liang smiled at Hong Xiaofu and added, "Come, let's test it. Don't be nervous."

"Alright." Hong Xiaofu replied as he placed his hand on the equipment.

Very quickly, the machine reflected a new set of scores. When everyone saw the numbers, they were all stunned.

"Congratulations, you have been successfully Awakened. You are an Awakener at LV1 with a score of 3.66666%."

Su Ying, "..."

Zhang Yang, "..."

Li Tianqi, "..."

Principal Liang and the rest, "..."

When Hong Xiaofu had first Awakened, his score had also been 3.666666%. Everyone knew that.

After practicing for so many days, his score had remained at 3.6666%!? What was going on?! In similar circumstances, if one attained a high score upon Awakening, progress would be considerably faster!

Principal Liang was slightly dumbfounded and he asked blurly, "Xiaofu, your previous score was 3.6666 right? Why is it still 3.6666 this time?"

Hong Xiaofu was also dumbfounded as he stared at the number.

Although it was true that he had been falling asleep within seconds, he had been practicing for many days—yet his score had not increased at all. That was clearly unusual. Even if his progress was slow and he could not increase his score by 0.01 a day, he should at least ha

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