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Drakos sits down and eats his simple breakfast of bacon and eggs, he then drinks some nearby ale.

"Aren't you too young to be drinking!?" Reza shouts as slams her palms down on the wooden table.

"I am sure I am pretty grownup after what I did yesterday," Drakos said to Reza with a wink. He said this right behind Logan's and Katrina

Reza immediately blushes and bites her sexy glossy pink lips, "Y-you filthy pervert," She cutely mutters as she bites and tears off a large chunk of meat from her roasted pork legs like a savage.

She was stilling feeling hazy and confused about why she let Drakos sensually groped her entire body and he even touched her holy virgin hole. But she did enjoy and lusted after Drakos' touch as her body experience pleasure like never before by the hands of her own brother. She wanted his massive rod inside her after seeing how big it was. Drakos diffidently changed before her very eyes into a 'full-grown man'. She yearned for her brother embrace once more, but she knew it was 'wrong' to think of such things. It was clearly taboo. Yet her heart was beating fast when Drakos was close by her side.

Kara as well felt the same, she still was processing what happened in the shower with Drakos, but she herself now felt a strong bond with him.

Reza who was the older sister was going to eventually confront Drakos and talk about the incident in the shower, but for now, she stood up and went to her to change into her Knights Guard armor.

"Where are you going? Let's all eat together like old times. I have been gone this long and this is how you greet your lovely mother?" Huffed Katrina as she places both her hands on her concave sexy waist.

"Ugh fine," Reza rolls her aqua eyes and sits back down in the kitchen table far from Drakos.

She was still feeling on edge when she was next to him.

Drakos' Harem Seals arrow tattoo marks start glowing and pulsing. Every time a Harem member was nearby his seals would glow and pinpoint the location of the woman's whereabouts if she was in danger. It was odd that it was glowing when no sense of danger was nearby. Unless Drakos' father posed a threat, but Drakos thought that Logan wasn't truly a bad father, even after they both fought each other to the death, he was just a ruthless father who was stubborn and hellbent on doing things is own way. Kind of like a Lone Wolf.

Drakos covers up his Harem Seals with his long-sleeve black jacket. He didn't want anyone to see them. Nor did he want anyone to know that he had a Heroic System. If anyone figured out he had such power in this world, then they would surely try to capture him and try to take that power away from him. As far as Drakos knows he could see that no one else had any kind of System.

He told his Heroic System to scan his entire family's stats and the results came out with only the Phantasms his family has. But there wasn't any trace of stats or numbers seen over his family's heads. So he came t

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