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Drakos thought about releasing his holy seed all over Reza's cute face and plump breasts, but that would be extremely fucked up in so many ways in front of his younger sister Kara!

"What d-did you do to me!? Did you just deflie my body!? I will kill you!" Reza stands up from the shower, her buxom breasts jiggle magnificently. "Wolfsbane!" She places her right hand at her waist in a sword strike position and summons a silver and blue knights Great-Sword out of thin air! Reza's sword looked like a legendary weapon and quite long and heavy to wield for a woman of her height. She was about 5,5 ft tall, but her body was well-built and semi-muscular. Kara was the same but her body was more 'womanly' and petite, she hated being weak so she should always train with Reza and become a stronger warrior. She respected her older sister, but she was also jealous of her power and status.

'Did she just materialized her Phantasm?' Drakos' eyes furrowed as Reza swings her great-sword at Drakos' chest, she really was angry as hell, her whole face was flustered and red as a tomato. She was blushing and pissed off at the same time.

Drakos swiftly blocks her sword slash with his own Battle-Axe-Scythe Phantasm, a surge of black and red Mana sparks form around his forearms as he summons his weapon. His black and red tattoo Harem Seals were also glowing as well. This color was different than before when he first summoned his Phantasm at the Knight's Tournament. His Phantasm and Harem Seal had become so powerful from seducing Reza that her Phantasm Wolfsbane was quickly shattered and destroyed just by one strike of Drakos battle-ax Phantasm.

*Clank!* He slices and breaks through her great-sword and points the scythe edge blade under his sister's neck. His powerful demonic Qi and Mana scorched the skin under Reza's neck as she angrily gritted her teeth.

"How this possible!?" She screams out in rage with a furious feline looking face. She was shocked that her younger had outpowered her and vanquished her Phantasm!

She was completely embarrassed and naked in front of Drakos, whose wet long snow-colored hair covered one of his sharp demonic golden eyes.

"The two of you stop fighting!" Kara pleads as she holds up her towel over her naked tiny pale body. It indeed was a mortal sin to have two insanely hot scarlet-haired sisters, they were known as the Scarlet Twins of the HellWolf Clan which has now joined forces with the Phoneix Kingdom.

"You are the one who said you wanted to wash me!" Drakos reminds Reza's whose emerald eyes widen with disgust, she was livid.

"I did not say that! I would never say something like that! You are just a filthy denigrate! You shameless bastard!" Reza growled as she to summon Wolfsbane again, she was able to summon her Phantasm as many times as she wanted! But now instead of summoning just one sword, she summoned ten floating knights sword to swirl around her body like a tornado vortex!

'What the fuck is her problem she was the one who made a move on me!? My Harem Seal and demonic powers must have raised up her lust. Now that our bond has been slightly broken she probably snapped out of her pleasure trip, the harem seal did say something about heightening all of her pleasure senses to peak levels and my powerful dark Qi most have also attracted her as well as my insanely handsome face and new godly body. Not that I am boasting but-' Drakos was thinking about all sorts of ways on how to pleasure his older sister and strength his Harem Seal, until.

"Your DEAD!" Reza dashed forward, suddenly her body was now covered in silver knights armor that had glowing blue wolf sigils all over it. Her Phantasm had turned into armor and ten swords!

'How did she do that? Is this the full potential and power of a Phantasm?' Drakos wondered as gripped his own battle-ax Phantasm. He still was buck-naked.

"STOP!" Kara yells out again.

"WHAT IS GOING ON IN THERE?!" Thunders out Drakos father

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