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"Logan, you really plan to fight your own son?" Says an older man who had an eyepatch with X-shaped scar around the outline of his skin, he looked like a more bulky pirate or some kind of warrior assassin.

"Aragon, It is a fathers duty to teach his son discipline," Logan said with a stern voice as stomps into the arena without any weapon. He was going to fight his son with his fist.

'Where exactly am I? What kind of world lets young kids fight other each to the death?' Drakos thinks to himself as he looks at his hands which were covered in Seron blood. Drakos searches within his mind to figure out what the hell was going on, all he knew at the moment was that he acquired the Heroic System, everything before that was just a big blur.

Logan stomps his foot down a surge of wind and bluish aura explodes out of his giant body. Drakos father was about 6,8 ft tall while Drakos was just 5,4 ft. The size and body mass difference were insane. Yet Drakos stood his ground.

'Does he plan to use to that power on his son?!' Aragon gritted his teeth and clenched the stone edge of the coliseum battle arena balcony, he was the Wise One of the Warrior Clan of this village A clan which was part of the Phoenix Kingdom which was home to the Rulers and so-called gods of this world. A Kingdom filled with riches and young beauties.

Logan's eyes started to glow a neon blue color and mist of steam of expels out from his nostrils like he was a wolf ready to devour its prey. His eyes widen and turned more primal, his veins begin to pop out all around his biceps and entire body. He was like the visible blueish energy around him was buffing up his body. Suddenly the energy around him starts to form a massive Buster Sword made up entirely of Logan's Qi. The blue energy was indeed his own aura which was molded and forged to make the Buster Sword.

'That must be his Phantasm,' Drakos remembers the stats and powers that he chose for his Heroic System. He knew that a Phantasm was a manifestation of one's weapon of choice, it could be any weapon, even a common knife. But the one that was in front of him was a goliath destructive weapon that made everyone the arena roar and chant for Logan to slay his own son.

'What the fuck is wrong with these people? Are they all insane?' Drakos gritted his teeth, planet Earth was nothing to compare to this hellish brutal world. In the background, Drakos saw a bunch of young warriors like himself who were in life-threating conditions, all of them were covered in bloody wounds and scars. These young warriors must have been through extreme training to enlist in the army.

Drakos looks at them and clenched his fist. 'So this new world isn't like some Isekai bullshit, only the strong survive here, so if that's how it is,' He looks up at Logan with his beaming golden eyes, he was going to unleash his Phantasm, he figured the only way to do that was to either release out his Qi or mana, enough to form his Phantasm as Loga

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