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Tomorrow will be a mass release if I reach top 10 about 5 or 10 chapters depending on my rank. So vote all power stones if you can and suggests this novel to some friends. I will be focusing all my attention on this novel now.

Vote List for bloodline/Race:

Current Race/Bloodline for MC: My idea is a Primordial Demon/ Demon Wolf which hasn't been done in this site. I kind of enjoy a werewolf/Fenris kind of character that can transform/shape-shift. Like a Shifter(Slight Spoiler). Also, the MC will have two bloodlines one wolf and the other unknown. You will know later in the story. Anyways this can always change so here is a list.


Reaper(Like Night King Game of Thrones)







List anything else.

Oh and also the MC can use his Soul Form to summon spirit beast and fuse them with a Phantasm like his father did, kind of like the Susanoo in Naruto. Might change Soul Form to Spirit Gear/ Soul Beast/ or Animus/ Let me know.

Also, his eye augments will soon be seen as well.

Overall this story is about taking other thrones and kingdom building/harem building as well as doing quest and gaining more powers through the Heroic System and through cultivation. Oh and lots of H-scenes lol.

So like Eastern X Western fantasy. And yes I have a lot of things planned out to expand from the world of Zareth which I created long ago in my mind.

Anway's vote for your ideas and if you have any questions let me know.

Mass release tomorrow at 12:00 PM. I already have chapters piled up.

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