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This is GhostyZ. The author of many fanfics and some originals on this site. I am using this account to enter into the Fantasy contest for Thrones and Kingdoms. Since my other account already has some other novels saved and I couldn't post this novel.

>>There will be some graphic content. Just to let everyone know<<

This story will have a system but I won't overdo it with the stats. There will mostly be action and drama as well as other themes. There will also be classes,ranks, and tiers which I will later list.

This story is in its project stage. But I hope I can make it good each day. I will try my best to edit each chapter and add more content each day.

Prologue will be uploaded today. All info chapters will be posted in the Aux section.

If you have any questions ask away. I will try my best to answer each question about this story.

Also I will show some pics of how the MC looks like.

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