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>[Harem Seal activated- Divine Lust summoned!]<

>[Ero Cultivation Art acquired!]<

[Harem Seal]: When activated upon a female this seal becomes more powerful as you fill the female's body and soul with divine lust. You will also gain more Mana and Qi as your bond becomes stronger with your Harem members. The Harem Seal also makes any woman more lustful over you. Female must reach orgasm for the Harem Seal to boost up your entire body; Strength, stamina, agility, defense, intellect, and charm, as well as Qi and Mana.

'The Harem Seal must be these black and red tattoos around my body, while my Phantasm seal is blue and gold. No wonder my older sister is going crazy over me. But how did I acquire a Harem Seal? Did it awaken after my first two battles or did it awaken when my older sister entered this bathroom? That explains why I am so horny right now. Dammit what am I supposed to do," Drakos thought as he gripped his sister's wet luscious thighs. His primal instincts were raging and howling, he wanted to be inside of her, but he knew it was so wrong!

[Ero Cultivation]: A technique which has complete control over all womanly senses, thus you know the perfect sex positions and foreplay to make any woman orgasm. Of course, you can also spice it up with your own types of Ero Cultivation and enlarging your cock to epic proportions. This cultivation art exponentially increases your Qi and overall psychical form(Body Frame) to godly levels.

'I am going to really fuck my own sister right now,' Drakos gritted his teeth and his raging hard cock became even more erect, in his past life he never really reached the 'final base' with a woman, he didn't have any time to be with anyone since he was once in the Military, Did MMA fighting, and was studying to become a Lawyer in college. In general, he had time for no one. But right now this pleasurable smooth and lustful sensation was so extreme for his young body that he couldn't resist the fruits of temptation. No man can, especially when the woman he was washing with was beyond gorgeous like a scarlet-haired goddess with an angelic radiant face. What's even more insane was that she was his older sister!

Drakos primal demonic lust was on overdrive, that and well his Harem Seal was now sparking up his body, which kind of stung a bit.

'Well if this is another way of becoming stronger in this world I will take it,' Drakos turns around to face his hot soaking wet sister, even though her naked shiny and glossy naked pale body had some battle scars she still looked beautiful and heavenly, her body and angelic face was flawless and sexy in every way possible.

"Let me clean every part of your body brother. You were so strong and powerful standing up to father. Look at all of these scars, I will do my best to protect and please you. I won't let anyone harm you ever again. We will be together forever, " Reza suddenly reaches down Drakos' six-pack wet abs and then slowly goes towards his

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