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"I guess you are still angry after I kicked your ass and made you look like a fool in front everyone," Drakos stares down Seron directly in the eyes with a serious face.

"What did you say!? I am going to beating you into a bloody pulp!" Seron gritted his teeth and goes to grab Drakos's jacket.

"Brother stop!" Silva holds back her furious brother as he went to punch Drakos. He truly wanted Drakos dead after being embarrassed in front of everyone. He hated that someone from a lowly clan and bloodline was standing up to him.

"Holy shit Drakos is actually no backing down from Seron," Said a cultivator boy student with tanned-skin and an x-shape scar on his chest, he was wearing a Samurai, he had shaved hair on the sides and a warrior ponytail. This boy was called Soku and he was from the Thundersnake Clan in the Western side of Zareth.

"Let go of me!" Seron demanded his sister who was the same age as him which was 16-years old.

"Seron get over it you lost at the Knights Tournament. My brother is just stronger than you in every way possible," Kara said with a smirk as she crossed her arms.

"Shut your mouth! Or I will cut your tongue!" Seron angrily points his finger at Kara.

"I will like to see you try!" Kara sticks out her tongue and flicks the bird.

" You fucking bitch!" Seron pushes off Silva and punches Kara in the face, Drakos swiftly blocked his punch his elbow and then does a quick tiger kicks him in the stomach.

"Gaaaah!" Seron's body flew across the trial room and his body fiercely landed into a nearby pillar. The marble pillar started to crack and Seron's body was outlined in a carter inside the large pillar.

"Enough!" Thunders out a voluptuous woman with raven black hair that was wrapped up in a classy bun as she tips her sleek glasses.

"Now now, Verlin let the young ones show their fighting spirit," Said a young man in his twenties with long shoulder length white hair who was a holding a golden cane with a ruby on the top of the cane.

"But Zion that is one of the Queen's royal guard for her son?" Verlin's eyes furrowed as she holds her notepad.

"What of it? I believe that everyone should have the chance to stand up and protect the ones important to them. That boy over there just did that," Zoin points at Drakos with his golden cane.

Drakos darkly looks down at Seron who slowly gets back up his feet, "Next time you attack my sister you are dead,"

Kara is right behind Drakos and blushing, she was grateful for her brother standing up for her and protecting her from Seron.

"You have to excuse my brother's rude behavior. He is a hot tampered one," Silva says to Drakos with a sigh, she was already used to Seron's rowdy and egotistical attitude.

Drakos simply steps back in line with Silva, "How do you put up with such an asshole?" He asked Silva with his hands in his jean pockets.

"I ignore him and get used to it," Silva cutely winked at Drakos. She really was a young maide

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