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Logan's Blue Fire Wolf Soul Form collided into Drakos body, a gust of aura explodes across the battle arena and nearby forest trees blasted into the chunks of wood. Drakos crossed his elbows in an X-formation and took on the attack. His young body frame slides back as he blocks the large surge of power. This gave him enough time for his Phantasm to form, from the heavens above a screeching sound was heard as a black bolt of lightning slams down into the stone ground below and a giant Battle-Ax-Sytche was being formed from the black lighting and Drakos' own Qi. He figured out the there were two main sources of power in this world, Qi and Mana, which were completely different from each other. Drakos could feel that his Qi was centralized throughout his body, through his veins and bloodstream, it was like this energy flowed through him and boosted his strength, stamina, agility, and sharpened his mind. While mana focused mainly on summoning or casting spells, anything that had to do with magic. A Phantasm was a manifestation of both of these powers.

Drakos quickly gripped his own Phantasm, 'This power feels so unreal! Like I can conquer anything!' His eyes started glowing an even darker demonic blood-red like he was a Wolf Demon!

His golden eyes were now surrounded by a blackish-red iris, a dark aura was seen outlining his body. All of the villagers could sense his dark presence, they all started to grab at their necks and fall to the floor, Drakos aura was so menacing and wrathful that it was choking everyone around the battle arena, even his sisters could feel his aura wrapped around their necks like a snake coiling around its victim's throats.

For a brief second a vicious looking demon with black fur and long devil horns wearing a Reapers cloak was seen behind Drakos, it was made up entirely of his Dark Qi. Could this demonic creature be his Soul Form?

"Gaaaaah! What is this hellish energy! Kill the demon Logan! Let the gods of Zareth banish the beast!" Scream out the villagers. None of them had seen a demon in ages, all demons were extinct in this world, but before the villagers stood a beast like no other, a one of human flesh and bone, with a power that ensnared and scorched everything in its path. Strange how it was that Drakos had acquired a Heroic System but his powers were now dark-based? Was the part of the fusion message he gotten just before he was transmigrated into this new world?

Drakos slashes off the Hell Wolf's head, the Soul Form his father had formed was quickly vanished by the insane power of Drakos Phantasm that was constructed with his Dark Qi and Mana. It seemed that his Necromancer Class had influenced his Phantasm, thus creating a Demonic Weapon.

Drakos bolts ahead and slashes at his fathers Buster Sword Phantasm with his Demonic Battle-Axe-Scythe both of them were slashing at each other at such fast speeds that gust of wind expelled out from their every single movement! Drakos blue and red glyp

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