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My past life was nothing but war and blood, so many lives I have taken, so many lives close to me I have lost. I have seen my brothers and sisters die on the battlefield as a soldier. As a Warrior. And for what? Glory?Honor? Destiny? Does any of it really matter? Does my reincarnation actually have a purpose? Do I have a purpose?...Of course, I do, I know I was reborn for a reason. I was reborn to end it all. To make a new destiny for myself. I know what I must do. Even now I feel death surround me, but I do not fear death. I only fear not reaching my dream and destiny!

Blood drips down from Drakos mouth and chest as thinks to himself about his destiny, his heart was clearly stabbed by the Phoenix Queen's hidden dagger. He was losing so much blood, he surely was killed or so it seemed.

"You actually think you could have seduced me into bedding with you!? Hahaha! How foolish are you! Mortal child! I would never let such a weakling be inside of me and experience my bountless pleasure! Your death and suffering will only be your pleasure!" The Phoenix Queen raised her hands in the air and in the back of her were rows of bloody blackened men and woman hanging on the walls, all of them were burnt to death by the Phoneix Queen with her Phoenix Flame powers after they have betrayed and stole from the Phoenix Queen. These men and women were soldiers, warriors, knights, and even elves and demi-humans slaves who tried to escape from their cages. Queen Cerri spared no one, she truly was a heartless woman who only got pleasure from torturing others.

The Phoenix Queen gripes her Fire-dagger tightly and then fiercely pulls out the fire-dagger from Drakos's heart.

"Such a shame. You are actually quite handsome for a young boy, just my type," Queen Cerri softly rubs Drakos long white hair as his face was still planted on her lovely pillowy breasts.

Suddenly Drakos's demonic eyes widen and he violently grabs the Phoenix Queen's neck and pins her down on her bed and starts choking her.

"HOW ARE YOU ALIVE!?" Queen Cerri screams out as she is being chocked by Drakos.

"You think such a simple-minded and weak attack would kill me? I can read your every thoughts and emotion. And now I sense your fear, you are trembling at my power and what I am about to do you," Drakos bloody wound on his chest starts to regenerate, a swirl of blood and muscle tissue wrapped around his exposed wounded-heart and reformed the stab-wound inside of his still-beating heart!

Drakos had used his necromancer magic and Primordial Demon Dark-Qi to regenerate his wounds.

"There is no way that you are an immortal! Only Gods and Goddess like me are! What are you!!!?" The Phoenix Queen coughs out and snarls the Phoenix Queen as she is being even chocked harder by Drakos.

Drakos cold and demonic eyes look down at the Phoenix Queen, "You are about to find out," He uses his [Demon Eye] Geass skill to command the Phoenix Queen to take off all of her clothes.

Queen Cerri slowly takes off her red silk dress, she tried to resist Drakos Geass, but his mind-control powers were absolute. Queen Cerri's sexy crimson lingerie bra and panties were now seen. Her sexy voluptuous mature glistening pale half-naked body was now in full view, the Phoenix Queen was now at her most vulnerable state and Drakos was enjoying every single second of this. He was going to bed this red-hot bitch, her flawless long scarlet hair dangles over her breasts.

'Why I am taking off my clothes for this weakling brat!? It is like my body is moving on my own! But how!? I was able to break free of his mind-control Geass before!? And now I can't!? It is like he has become more powerful! What is this feeling? Why is my pussy so wet?...' Queen Cerri's thick thighs start trembling and shaking as she starts to feel Drakos demonic Dark-Qi and Dark Sexual Aura surround her entire lustful half-naked body.

Blackish Demonic Horns start to form on top of Drakos's head and razor-s

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