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"Drakos! What are you doing here!?" Logan loudly shouted as he turns to face his son with a confused angered face.

"Cerri what is the meaning of this!? I wanted to speak alone with you! You dare bring my son here!" Katrina gritted her teeth and gripped at the handles of her Dual Katanas, even though she was an assassin of high caliber, her love for her children knew no bounds. She would sacrifice everything to protect her children. Kara, Reza, and Drakos meant the world to her.

"Do you even know what your child has done? The crimes he has committed? I should have his head by now, but I value your aid to the Phoniex Kingdom Katrina, if weren't for our 'circumstances' you would all be imprisoned and killed. I will make this very clear. Hand over your son," Queen Cerri lifts up her hands for her Royal Knights to take away Drakos.

"NO!" Katrina angrily yells out as she unsheathes her katana's.

*CLING!* The sound of her katana being unsheathed echoes across the throne room.

Katrina was on the verge of unleashing her Phantasm which was one of legends, the ones who have seen her Phantasm never lived to tell the tale as they were killed off so quickly without a breathe to spare. She was a powerful woman he didn't take shit from anyone. Not even the Phoenix Queen.

Logan also gripped his Buster Sword and stood close to his wife and children. His powerful Qi was exploding out of his buff body.

Queen Cerri knew about Seron's death, that Drakos was the one who killed him so mercilessly at 'The Trial' when he awakened his Soul Form. Prince Harry's only true friend and bodyguard(Seron) was taken away from him. She had also heard that Drakos was the one who stole her daughters 'first kiss!', this infuriated her even more to her core since her daughter was a virgin and waiting for marriage to lose her virginity. Cerri wanted to torture Drakos so badly and break his mind, she wanted to make him suffer for what he as done to her youngest daughter. For disgracing the Phoenix Kingdom. The only people who knew about Seron's death was Cerri, Amethyst, Verlin, Drakos, Kara, and Reza. No one else did. Verlin was only able to dispell Amethyst Mind Erase Magic used on the Queen and Princess Celestia as well as Prince Harry.

'Damn you Verlin for interfering with my Master,' Amethyst hissed at Verlin as she talked to her telepathically.

Verlin: 'Shut up you fool! Do you know how much trouble you are in!' She shouts in her mind.

Queen Cerri clicked her tongue and stands up from her gold phoenix throne, "You seem not to understand the situation your in. My dear friend," She walks down gold stairsteps towards Katrina, her sexy slim hips swayed in a seductive entrancing way.

"You will not take my son." Katrina snarled and gritted her wolf-like teeth as the Royal Knights surrounded her. Each Royal Knight was wearing fully geared knight armor forged from volcanic rocks and various dense metals/minerals. The armor itself was glowing fr

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