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Note: This is the RAW version. It needs to be edited and more things will be added tomorrow.


I know that the Phoenix Queen loved no man in this world. The only person she truly loved was her own daughter which was born in some other way I don't know of. I have my theories on that, but right now the only thing that mattered to me was breaking this firey queen bitch and gaining control over her so that I can rule the Phoenix Kingdom from the 'inside'. I knew how to exactly do that. I was going to let the Phoenix Queen's daughter join in the fun and make her daughter watch her own mother being fucked like a good slave.

"No this cannot be true! Leave at once Celestia! GET HER OUT OF HERE!" Cerri begs and demands Drakos and her daughter who was now sexily unstrapping off her bra. The once-powerful and cruel Phoenix Queen now looked so exposed and desperate. It was like she had completely changed just by losing her virginity to a young Hell Wolf boy. She had lost her power and dignity to me. I now had the upper hand and I was the one in charge of the Phoenix Queen. However, her taming was not fully complete. I was going to do the final deed. Defile her to the end.

As the Phoenix Queen lays ever so gracefully on her elbows in a doggy-style position her adorable tight pink pussy and puckering asshole is seen fully from behind. Her mascara runs down her supple cheeks, she knows whats 'coming'.

I slowly grab her smooth pillowy pale ass cheeks, her thick ass jiggles so easily in my palms as I squeeze it roughly so I can make her body jump up and bend over perfectly for me to insert my cock into her wet twitching pussy which I did slowly. As I slowly go to dive my dick in her rosebud pussy I start kissing Celestia who now had glowing lustful golden eyes and play with her soft petite tits which were slightly smaller than her mothers, yet they still felt amazing and creamy smooth, they fit so well in my palms like juicy melons.

"No stop! Get away from her you vile monster!" Cerri cries out. She had never seen such a fearsome demonic wolf beast like me defile her and her daughter. I was worse than the devil to her as I jam in my massive cock deeper inside her holy flesh hole.

Cerri's whole voluptuous mature body shakes and her ruby eyes twitch as my cock digs deeper into her wet vaginal walls which contracted and squeezed my throbbing hard cock tightly. I kiss Celestia and grip Cerri's waist.

"STOP! Leave my angel out of this! Stop kissing and touching my daughter! You HALF-BLOOD MUT!" Cerri screams loudly and gritted her teeth as I thrust my cock in and out of her pussy. I quickly slam down her head in the bedsheets and aggressively jackhammer my cock inside her pussy as I whip her ass with my Dark Electric whips made from the darkness from my Demon-Qi.

"The only mut here is you!" I whip her ass as hard as I could with my electric whip. I also spanked her pale buttcheeks with all of the might I had in my young body. I let out all of my anger onto her lustful naked maiden body.

*WHACK! PA! PA!* Cerri's thick ass cheeks jiggles and bounces on my raging hard throbbing demon dick as I whip her ass harder and harder. The sound of the whip colliding with her smooth snowy flesh echoes across her bedroom. I continue kissing Celestia and I even start fondling her breasts as I continue to pound at her mother's juicy cunt at insanely fast speed like a Demon Ninja.

"UHHHH! AAAAAH! STOP IT HURTS! EYYYAAAAH! AHHHHN!" Cerri cries out as I thrust my dick harder and harder in her wet tight pussy from behind and pull her long gorgeous flowing crimson hair. She smelt so amazing like rose petals and burning candle incense*.

All of her pussy juice accumulates all around the tip of my meat rod and veiny shaft, it is super warm and sleek kind of like lube but way better as my cock aggressively glides and grinds inside her smooth fleshy cervix, hitting her G-Spot as I start to rub her tiny pearl-c

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