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You will get about five chapters today or more if you vote power stones up to top 20. There will be about 3 daily chapters now about 1,000 words or more each. Depends on the chapter.

On August 1st there will be a huge pa treon deal for advanced chapters.

Discord: https://discord.gg/vRcGCsy

Important: I was talking to another popular R-18 author and I was thinking about changing the name of this novel. Since some people may confuse this story with Game of Thrones fanfic.

Here are some new names.

Harem Kingdom Building

Harem System

Harem Overlord


You can also give me new names and whoever gets the most likes gets the name chosen.

Remember top 20 and you get 5 or more chapters I promise now I have way more free time. I hope to get out way more chapters. Just know that most of the new chapters need to be edited by my editor who is now editing bulk chapters.

Also I was thinking if anyone likes the cover art? I kind of want a cover art of some warrior/knight with long white hair setting on throne with a bunch of woman around him. Something that can be custom made will be nice. If you guys find a pic let me know.

If you join discord you can always talk to me.

>>All non-chapters will be deleted. This chapter will be up so everyone can comment and join my discord<<

This will be the final authors notice. I will be putting up Ranks and Character list on the AUX section.


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