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Drakos stares ahead at the woman in the shadows, he had no idea who she was, but she looked very seductive wearing a sultry lacey black wizard dress with bright lustful violet eyes and black lipstick. She was also wearing sleek glasses. A dark mysterious aura surrounded her voluptuous creamy body, 'Is she the headmistress that was watching the battle? Wait that can't be. Her aura is different,' Drakos squints his eyes to get a better look at the sexy woman in front of him.

The woman begins to softly rub Drakos's cheeks and breathe heavily into his face in a sexy way. Her breathe smelt so sweet and rosy, Drakos was fighting back his urge to pin the woman against the wall and have his way with her, ravage her entire busty lustful body. His Harem Seals were glowing around his forearms and biceps as the woman pressed her milky melons against Drakos buff chest.

"Who are you?" Drakos asked as the woman continued to gently touch his cheeks.

"The power you have displayed at The Trial is something I desire. The darkness within you cannot be matched by any mortal or immortal, join me and together this world will be ours," The woman with long raven hair says as she touches Drakos's lips with her soft slender fingers.

The woman in front of her was indeed Verlin the Headmistress Magus, but Drakos could see through her lies. Drakos fiercely grabs the woman's neck and pins her against the marble wall of the church in which he was teleported too.

"Who really are you? And where are my sisters?" Drakos snarled as he tightly grips the woman's pale neck. He almost crushes her windpipe.

The woman starts to smirk with a wide smirk and her face begins to transform into her original form, "My my you have such sharp eyes and senses for being so young," Darkly whispers the woman as her glasses disappear and her hair color changes to a dark purple. She now had glowing ruby/gold eyes and long flowing deep-purple hair with a black wizard hat on her head.

"You are so rough and forceful. I kind of like it. You're more of a man than most of the pathetic cultivators and magus of this world," The woman fiercely blushes and moans as her throat is being crushed by Drakos powerful hands, her thick vanilla thighs that were covered in shiny black stockings started shaking and quivering in sheer arousal.

'What the fuck is wrong with this woman?' Drakos thought to himself as the demoness he was choking was getting-off by him roughly choking her. 'Is some kind of shapeshifter?' Drakos scans her body with his Heroic System. Most of her info was unknown.

"You can call me Blackcat. Fate has brought us together. I want to know more about you, after today's battle when you killed Seron and defiled the Phoniex Princess everyone will surely come after you. With my Reverse Magic, I was able to erase their memories of the events that transpired, however, my magic will soon ware off and soon they all will remember what happened. The Phoniex Kingdom won't stop until you are dead. The Order knows about you and so do I, now you must choose your path," Blackcat bites her lips and starts touching and groping her buxom breasts as Drakos gripped her neck.

"So you work with The Order?" Drakos asked with a serious face, his demonic golden eyes pierced Blackcat's very soul.

"Of course I don't! I will never do anything to betray your trust! I have been keeping an eye on you ever since you defeated Seron in the Knights Tournament!" Blackcat defiantly shouts, she disliked that Drakos didn't trust. But who would? She was crazy in the head.

Drakos lets go of her neck and steps back away from her, "And my sisters where are they? I assume you are the one who teleported me in this church to try to seduce me," He said in a sharp and collected tone. His high Intellect could pick up any traces of lies and motives from Blackcat .

"They are fine. I teleported somewhere safe," Blackcat said as she coughs and holds her neck, her pussy was getting

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