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Drakos roughly tosses the Phoenix Queen onto her rosebud colored bed and forcefully grips her slender waist which was exposed by her seductive short ruby firey silk dress that was see-through. He begins to rub her smooth creamy thick thighs and looks her straight in the eye with a demonic dominant stare that made her entire busty body tremble with fear and lust.

"I don't know why I am so attracted to this boy? Why did I Iead this boy to my bedroom!? Why am I letting him touch me like this!?' The Phoenix Queen lustfully bites her bright glossy pink lips as Drakos starts to kiss her neck and rubs her pale thighs. His Demon Eyes powers were controlling her mind and body! His Geass mind-control power was too powerful for her to snapped out of.

"Stop! You dare to sully my body with your lips! You dirty wolf!" The Phoenix Queen thunders out as she fiercely pushes off Drakos from her hot mature body.

'For someone who is a complete bitch she looks very beautiful up close, like a Fire Angel I must tame,' Drakos fiercely gripped the Phoenix Queen's chin and boldly kisses her in the mouth! He didn't fear the consequences of such a disrespectful action. He was going to do more with this flaming bitch.

"Mmmmmph! You bastard!" The Phoenix Queen bites Drakos lips and tries to break free from his kiss, but his perfect kiss alone made her lust and crave the young Hell Wolf boy even more. She kisses back Drakos but more forcefully, Drakos pushes her back into the bed and takes a dominant alpha position on top of the sexy goddess's half-naked pale body. He was done waiting. He was going to do the deed and complete his epic quest on his Harem System. He was going to deflower the Phoenix Queen and take her virginity! But he was thinking to himself at how the hell she was a virgin when she had two kids. One spoiled weak prince called Harry and a bitchy sadistic daughter called Celestia. Did she adopt them? Did she not even had sex with her pathetic husband(The Phoenix King) and took his cum without intercourse? These questions were burning around Drakos'smind. He quickly shook them off and focused on the gorgeous voluptuous firey red hair goddess in front of him. Drakos holds the Phoenix Queen's slim smooth hour-glass waist once more and goes in for another passionate kiss.

His lips taste and feels her soft sweet rosy lips again, he kisses her even harder this time and now squeezes her plump butt and spanks it. The Phoenix Queen has a dark wide smile on her maiden face, in a flash, she summoned a Fire-Dagger and stabs Drakos right in his heart.

"Haaaccck!" Drakos coughs out blood on to the Phoenix Queen's sinister smirking face, she digs her Fire-Dagger deeper into Drakos's chest, more blood gushes out from his mouth and chest cavity. Drakos could not sense the Phoneix Queen's aura when she formed a fire-dagger with her Fire Qi. She had blocked out her aura from Drakos by making the entire room around her smoldering hot like inside of a volca

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