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Drakos feels a surge of extreme heat enters his naked body. After his Dark Dual Cultivation with the Phoenix Queen and her daughter, he absorbed Cerri's Phoenix Flames only since he did much of the Dual Cultivation with her. He truly gave Cerri what she deserved which was brutal sex. He hate fucked the hell out of her. In the end, he gained a lot out of it actually, he now had full control over the Phoenix Queen as she was now part of his Harem and her entire naked body was covered in Drakos's Harem Seals. Her eyes were also glowing a golden color as Drakos controlled her mind with his Demon Eyes. Overall she was now completely loyal and subtenant to him.

'This must be the power of the Phoenix Flame Bloodline,' Drakos looks at his hands which were covered in bright crimson and orange Phoenix Flames. It kind of looked like Sun Flames were bursting out of his entire body.

Drakos activates his Harem System by snapping his fingers like a god and looks at his current stats.

[Harem System]

[Name: Drakos Storm]- Age: 14 years-old

Cultivation Rank: Silver- Second Lowest rank- Tier Demon*] Drakos: 'So I moved up one rank after fighting the Phoenix Prince, Phoenix Queen, Phoenix Princess, The Armored Titan, and killing Seron at the Trial. It looks like I become more powerful when I defeat other cultivators and mages and I even become powerful when I Dual Cultivate with the Phoenix Queen. Accomplishing Missions also gains up my rank.

Race: Human/Primordial Demon

Class: [Necromancer]

Bloodline:[ Unknown Primordial Demon]- Hidden Bloodline

Mana: 50

Qi: 60


STR: 35

MGK: 45

DEF: 35

AGI: 40

STM: 30


KAM: -5 Drakos: 'Well that is kind of obvious after what I did to the Phoenix Queen"


[Demon Eyes ]

[Harem Seal]

[Heroic Seal]

[Slave Seal]

[Summoning Seal]: LOCKED


God Thunder, Undead Summoning(Necromancer Magic), Phoenix Flames, Dark Counter(The demonic power which copies others Phantasms, Mana, and Qi).

Body Type: Heroic; Demi-God, Primordial Demon

Primary; [Phanatasm]: (StormSlayer) Battle-Ax-Scythe weapon Class: Legendary(Currently Mythic Class) [ You haven't Oathed and Bestowed your Phantasm with a Heroic Title so you won't be able to use Ultimate Abilities and Skills.

Secondary;[Wolfbanes Phantasm]: A Hellish WildFire of cloning infinite swords of all shapes and sizes. Know as Infinite Blades. [Obtain from Reza after using your Harem Seal on her]

Phoenix Flame Spear [Can create a blast of Phoenix Flames from eyes, arms, and legs] (Fire Manipulation)

[Demon Form]: Primordial Demon Horns and Wings. Mostly resembling Grim-Rapier Wings. Also razor-shape wolf teeth and tail.

[Demon Armor]: Black and Blood-red spiked armor made from demon bones and cores.

[Harem Members]: Kara(Younger Sister)[50%] Reza(Older Sister)[70%], Amethyst[85%], Phoenix Queen Cerri [90%], Phoenix Princess Celestia[5

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