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Warlocks. The beings that act as the evil to the heroes of each child. Dark magic users, controllers over death and danger to the human race. These titles, that haunt the untainted mind of a child, tarnish the reputation of a group that is not exactly evil.

In the blue sky, where the idle, cotton-like clouds sail, lights flash like the flickering of a dying bulb. Colors of green and red, spark here and there. The clouds, which calmly follow the silent wind, disperse into nothingness. Trailing those lights, two individuals are seen standing on top of a beast. The beasts, which resembled each other greatly, had obsidian-like wings that spanned for tens of meters. The razor-sharp claws, that menacingly played on the enormous hands, locked onto the flesh of their opponents. Their crimson eyes, that resembled a pool of blood, locked onto one another, showing little to no fear.

The individual's which stood on the dragons shot out flares of light from their pale hands. The woman with the emerald light stood calmly with her long, chestnut hair swaying in the wind. Her sapphire eyes intently staring at the figure in front.

"Amlenor, must we fight today? I am in no mood to play with you!" The middle-aged woman spoke with annoyance and hatred. Amlenor, who stood on the head of his own beast, smiled in mockery.

"Esadora the Warlock. You cunning witch, how dare you show your face on my land? You say this is a game? Why don't you tell that to the citizens of my country who cower in fear because of your name? Warlocks are not welcomed in the kingdom of Vuya. Leave now!" Amlenor stood righteously in front of Esadora, with his ink hair standing straight in the face of the wind. His golden eyes gleamed with scorn and disapproval.

"Amlenor, please. I am just passing by. I am not trying to interfere with your kingdom. Can you not let me go for old times sake?" Esadora was the reputed Green Death Warlock. Stories of her supposed acts against humanity spread through the world like wildfire. The friends that previously accompanied her, left. She was last surviving Warlock, which forced her to carry all the hate that the people had for that group.

"Esadora, you know as well as I do that I cannot do that. However, because of our past relations, I will give you the option of turning around and heading back to where you came from." Amlenor crossed his refined overs over his robust chest. He didn't move an inch from his beast, staring at Esadora as if she was the rabbit in his hunt.

She stood in silence before crouching down and patting her beast. She gently stroked it, allowing it to calm down and separate from the other dragon. There was a look of reluctance in her eyes as she whispered some commands into the floppy ears of her beast.

"Let us go then, you and I. We are unwanted in this place." Esadora stood up and didn't give Amlenor another glance. The beast flapped its towering wings and turned around. It moved away from the beast that Amlenor stood on top of.


Esadora and the beast silently flew across the peaceful, blue sky.

"My dear beast, look how times have changed. In the past, you were the kindest of them all, not daring to even growl at a plant. But now? Those wretched nobles and citizens marked both you and I, as evil. You could only become a fighter because of the threats and attacks against you and I." The sorrow was deeply embedded in the voice that whispered out Esadora.

The young Esadora did not begin as a Warlock, no. She was a popular little girl. Her magic was based on healing the body, giving her countless beautiful experiences. She met dutches, queens, and even kings because of her magic. Her father always said to do what she believed in, he led her down the path of magic. She met many people along her journey, some showed her beautiful sights and allowed her to experience the

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