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Chapter 965 Volume 10 – Chapter 2: Temporary Close (Part 1)

Returning to the magazine publisher early in the morning, Ren Ziling had a gloomy expression as if there were dark clouds on her.

Employees familiar with this deputy editor could feel that the temperature in the entire office suddenly dropped by three degrees after Ren Ziling returned.

This situation had caused many employees to try to guess what happened to Ren Ziling.

“Menses,” Editor Jia affirmed.

“Yup, menses.” Editor B felt somewhat reasonable.

“Yes, I also guess that she has her menses too. Let’s be careful~!” Scheming Boy reminded the crowd.


Sitting at the desk in her personal office, Ren Ziling took a pile of doc.u.ments from the drawer and slammed them on the desk hard.

Li Zi, who was eating finger biscuits [1], blinked. Of course, with her sharp ears, she could hear the employees’ conversations in the lobby through the vent, “Is it really menses?”

Ren Ziling stared at Li Zi fiercely.

Li Zi had some guesses in her mind and immediately said, “Sister Ren, Luo Qiu didn’t go to the hotel last night? Did he go home directly?”

She was aware of Ren Ziling’s stubbornness to have a grandson. After all, Ren Ziling had made her go and booked the hotel room.

“No, he didn’t come back home that night!” Ren Ziling was expressionless, but this was a sign before the volcano eruption.

Li Zi was frightened and said hesitantly, “Isn’t that good? He didn’t come back for the night. The deed is probably done! Congratulations, Sister Ren!”

“It’s not just that he didn’t come back last night. He won’t be back for a long time!” Ren Ziling’s voice became even more indifferent.

Li Zi knew that this was the state of Ren Ziling’s anger hitting the tipping point and subconsciously swallowed her saliva. She quickly stuffed her food into her mouth, “Why… why?”

Ren Ziling suddenly sighed. Her irritated face suddenly turned into a worried look. She shook her head and said, “I don’t know. This kid woke me up by a phone call in the morning but told me something happened. He has to accompany You Ye back to her hometown to deal with it. He won’t be back in a short time. If the time is too rushed, he will attend the British school from there! Maybe he won’t be able to come back until the summer break next year!”

Li Zi counted with her fingers, “Wow, that’s a long time! No wonder Sister Ren, you are angry!”

“You’re right!” Ren Ziling was irritated at this time. She evolved into an angry middle-aged woman who complained incessantly, criticizing Luo Qiu, “Does this kid still take me to his heart? He leaves just like that. There is no accountability at all!”

Li Zi blinked her eyes and suddenly said, “But Sister Ren, Luo Qiu is an adult already, right? He has the right to make his decisions.”

Ren Ziling was startled. Her lips moved as if she wanted to refute it.

Li Zi bit her ladyfinger biscuit, “You can’t protect him forever.”

“I know…” Ren Ziling sighed heartbrokenly, “From the moment he told me that he is going to study abroad, I knew this day would come. I didn’t expect… What should I do in the future?”

It was too sudden, and things were unprepared. Li Zi was clear about Ren Ziling’s care for Luo Qiu. It was like treating her son or her younger brother, who hadn’t grown up. How could Ren Ziling accept this sudden change?

“Sister Ren, I will be with you!” Li Zi smiled brightly.

Ren Ziling suddenly stared, “Can you wash my clothes? Can you cook for me? Can you buy me shampoo and shower gel!? Can you clean my house!”

Li Zi stopped chewing the food in her mouth. It was so abrupt. She couldn’t help but feel bad for Luo Qiu for three seconds before bursting into laughter.

“I’ve decided!” Ren Ziling took a deep breath at this time, hit the table with both hands, and stood up.

Li Zi was taken aback.

“I’ve decided! I want to quit!” Ren Ziling clenched her fists. Then, her eyes burst o

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