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Volume 9 – Chapter 154.2: Each Preoccupied With Their Thoughts (Part 2)

“We can talk about it when we have time.” Windchaser thought for a while before slowly saying, “It’s not convenient to say now.”

“Okay!” Mo Xiaofei nodded rather decisively.

Watching Mo Xiaofei and the cla.s.s president leave, Windchaser subconsciously glanced at the “Pen Immortal” poster.

There were a few characters on the beach. Although they were all characters in Unripe Rice Village, they were different from the real ones.

Zixing waited for Windchaser by the side but didn’t urge.

Windchaser finally sighed, “Um… I’ll take you to Master Long’s hospital.”

“En.” Zixing nodded.

Speaking of which, she spent almost all of her time with Mo Xiaofei in the Yan Wuyue World, but she didn’t even meet Windchaser and didn’t know what he experienced in it. Of course, her mind was occupied with the animal skin map. She wasn’t in the mood to think about Windchaser.

To Windchaser, she only had some grat.i.tude for saving her life. Besides, she had repaid a lot when she pa.s.sed the Greedy Wolf Clan’s arts to Windchaser.

In the words of Buddhism, karma was nullified.

“Um, I’m sorry. I was so rude to you at that time, I was…”

While walking together, Windchaser lowered his head and spoke with embarra.s.sment. He remembered how he saved Tsukihime Kondo via Inuyasha’s body at Unripe Rice Village plaza. At that time, the two didn’t know each other. Windchaser just threw her away back then.

He was about to explain something, but he noticed that Zixing didn’t hear it but frowned. “Hmm… Did you say something?”

“No, nothing.” Windchaser hurriedly said, “I want to ask if you want something to eat. Are you hungry or something?”

Forget it. If Zixing doesn’t mention it, it hasn’t happened then. After all, in Windchaser’s opinion, this incident would probably lose a lot of plus points.

“I’m not hungry. If you’re hungry, go find something to eat.” Zixing said calmly, “While waiting for you here, I’m thinking of something.”

“Then, I’ll take you there directly.” Windchaser shook his head.

Along the way, there were no chats.

Windchaser couldn’t help but mock himself secretly. Though, he was laughing at his experience before leaving the nightmare.

The last dream that Windchaser experienced was that he encountered that strange ball of light that pa.s.sed the Greedy Wolf Star heritage to him. Of course, this was the later story.

That was what happened after Inuyasha was shot by an arrow and fell into a coma because of his stealing act in the Unripe Rice Village Shrine and broke the agreement with the young witch.

Speaking of it, Inuyasha was found to have stolen something and was seriously injured. It should have happened before Windchaser was pulled into the world.

So when Windchaser came to the Unripe Rice Village Shrine again and met the young witch, the opponent would shoot arrows at him immediately.


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