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Chapter 919 Volume 9 – Chapter 147: The Blizzard That Never Returns (Part 1)

Blizzard was everywhere. The white snow buried all the vitality on the plateau, and all life seemed to have withered.

At the bottom of a peak, a figure broke through an ice wall. After the ice shattered, a dark hole was exposed. This figure walked in without hesitation.

Gradually, a faint light appeared in front of him. The light source came from rare algae on the tunnel wall. The algae exuded dim light. Soon, the appearance of this blurry figure grew clearer.

It was a man, but he had physical characteristics that a human supposedly would not have. For example, he had a gray ear on the top of his head. Yes, there was only one ear – the left ear. As for the man’s right ear, it had long gone. He also carried a basket in his hand, which was messy covered in gray cloth.

The end of the cave tunnel was bright; there was a huge s.p.a.ce. A huge wolf head statue appeared directly in front of this inner cave.

The huge wolf head statue was carved out of the rock wall; it was considered to be connected to the entire mountain. There were many three-meter-high pillars around it with a brazier atop each of them.

Obviously, the blazing braziers were intended as a light source. For the harsh cold environment on the plateau, this little heat made no difference at all. But even so, under each pillar, there were still many brats using it to keep warm.

These brats were not covered in clothes, s.h.i.+vering in fear because of the cold. Their hands and feet had blemishes due to frostbite. The brats huddled together to warm up each other.

The man with only one long left ear glanced around at the entrance. He walked quickly to the wall with the wolf head carving. He put down the basket on his hand, opened the cloth on it, and said calmly, “This is the food for the next ten days.”

Having said that, the man stopped looking at these brats and walked back towards the way he came.

What was in the basket turned out to be b.l.o.o.d.y raw meat fuming with white steam because of the heat! Even sweat would be frozen into ice under this kind of harsh cold weather, but the blood in the raw meat was still flowing!

This was the flesh of a beast that was just killed!

Hearing this man’s words, a brat group instantly gave up their intention to keep warm and rushed towards the small basket frantically. This would inevitably cause some collisions, even more, cruel incidents.

The man didn’t care about this. He walked away as if he couldn’t wait to leave this place. But he frowned suddenly because he felt something tangled in his legs. The man looked down and saw a guy with a scrawny face.

The man was displeased and said indifferently, “Go there if you want to eat. Don’t hope that I will pity you. Greedy Wolf Clan doesn’t need wastrels like beggars!”

A hint of hatred flashed in the brat’s eyes, but he begged, “I’m fine. Please, send Zhen Long away. S

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