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Volume 8 – Chapter 49: Under The Sea (Part2)

“Dad…” Mu Qinghai’s eyes were red, and he called out with a trembling voice.

“So, you took the risk and killed Qian Guoliang?” Ah Li continued to stare at Mu Enli and asked.

“I didn’t think too carefully at that time.” Mu Enli shook his head and said. “It’s just that an evil thought came out in my heart, and then it was out of control. I definitely could not let this person leave. So, when he found me for the second time, I told him to come and look for me.”

“How did you kill him?” Ma Houde also asked immediately.

Mu Enli said, “Qian Guoliang is a trained professional. I know that ordinary technique is not sufficient to kill him. Besides, I am old. It is even more difficult for me to fight with him directly. So, I chose to use poison…The restaurant that I frequently go to has what I need… fugu [1].”

Xiao Bao said at this time, “Officer Ma, after the data collected from the deceased, were sent back for a.n.a.lysis, the toxin was confirmed to be that of the pufferfish.”

Mu Enli said calmly, “I used a fine needle dripped with the poison and then hid it on the chair’s cus.h.i.+on. When the time came, Qian Guoliang came to me. I started to negotiate with him. He was cautious, but he still carelessly sat down in the end. After being pierced with a needle at that time, he immediately felt that something was wrong. I fought with him for a while when the poison weakened his body. I pierced his chest with a knife. However, I didn’t have much strength. The wound caused by the stab was not deep. Qian Guoliang finally rushed out of my room and escaped. However, he didn’t manage to escape very far. So, he collapsed and lied dying.”

The old captain looked at Officer Ma and said, “I was afraid that this matter would be discovered. So, I quickly turned off the power and secretly changed the video when Qing Hai and the crew were leaving.”

“Why did Qian Guoliang only die in the morning?”

“Of course, it was to prove that I was not present at the crime scene.” Mu Enli said calmly. “I thought the poison would immediately kill Qian Guoliang, but I didn’t expect his body to be very strong. He must have undergone some drug resistance training, or the amount of toxin I used was not sufficient…but this is fine. It will at least give me time to think about how to deal with the things that will happen afterward.”

“I don’t understand. How did you make Qian Guoliang suddenly appear on the video?” Ma Houde said puzzledly, “Also, the surveillance camera returned to normal!”

“It’s just a straightforward trick,” said Mu Enli calmly. “Have you already opened the door of the utility room, but you can’t find anything inside?”

Ma Houde nodded, “Indeed.”

Mu Enli said, “But Qian Guoliang was hidden within the utility room. He was hidden above the utility room.”

Lin Feng frowned and said, “This does not make sense. Even if there were people above the utility room, the floor can’t be

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