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Volume 8 – Chapter 50: Burial (Part1)

“Make way, make way, please make way! Police get out too! Don’t get in the way!”

The doctor on the s.h.i.+p shouted at the crowd around the medical room at this time… Officer Ma looked at the doctor who was uncooperative not too long ago and was unwilling to examine the deceased. He found this questionable.

His att.i.tude was a lot different compared to now.

It was just that when the old captain was being sent along the way, the crew members stopped whatever they were doing and looked at them with a worried expression. Officer Ma had more or less understood the doctor’s inconsistent response.

What kind of prestige did he have that every crew member worried about him like a sick family member?

“I feel this place is like home…”

Ren Ziling leaned against the medical room’s door with her hands in her arms and suddenly said something faintly. She looked at Ah Li, seemingly with a lot to say, but Ah Li just shook her head.

Ah Li seemed to be weighed by some matters.

At this time, Mu Qinghai silently took out a drawing from his clothes and put it into Ma Houde’s hand. He said with a hoa.r.s.e voice, “This is the drawing, and the protractor is on the man.”

Ma Houde took it, and subconsciously said, “Tell me how you found it?”

Mu Qinghai looked at the medical room’s door and whispered, “My dad is in poor health. Every time I get off from work, I will quietly go to his room to take a look. I went to see him as usual last night. But, I heard a strange noise when I was on the way. I was curious and went over to have a look. However, I didn’t see anyone. I just noticed a few drops of blood on the ground, and the flower pots in the hallway had been moved. I watched if something would show up. I found these two things when I moved the flowerpot.”

“Can you solve it?” Fei Ying asked curiously.

Mu Qinghai glanced at Fei Ying coldly, as if with hate. Fei Ying was seen shrinking his shoulders subconsciously, “Anyway, I am the deputy captain of this s.h.i.+p, and I don’t need you to doubt my professional knowledge.”

“Let’s wait for the results of the treatment first.” Ma Houde shook his head, took the drawing, went over to Ah Li’s side, and handed it over.

He asked quietly, “Ah Li, is there anything wrong with Mu Qinghai?”

Ah Li thought for a while and said, “The important thing is this box. As long as it doesn’t fall into foreign countries’ hands, anything is open for discussion. Mu Qinghai is only Mu Enli’s adopted son, but there will probably be many political investigations later. If he is innocent, it’s probably fine. We are not like before. One bad apple doesn’t mean the whole bunch is bad… But, for Mu Enli’s case, probably can’t be helped.”

As she said, Ah Li patted Ma Houde on the shoulder, “I don’t have the time to deal with the homicide case. But, after you arrested Mu Enli for murder, I will take him back stealthily.”

“I got it.” Ma Houde suddenl

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