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Volume 9 – Chapter 80: Once Upon A Time (Part 1)

After getting the Young Master Long’s promise, the two Greedy Wolf Clan’s warriors were finally relieved.

In the eyes of these two Greedy Wolf Clan warriors, the ‘Young Master Long’ must have a close relations.h.i.+p with Master Long. Since this ‘Young Master Long’ had agreed, it meant that the Master True Dragon of Divine Land would not refuse to offer help in this matter.

“Young Master Long…” After Long Xiruo prescribed some medicine to these two Greedy Wolf Clan Warriors, she arranged them to meet another therapist. Then, she brought Mo Xiaofei to her office.

Mo Xiaofei thought that Long Xiruo was going to reprimand him, so he was mentally prepared already. Unexpectedly, Long Xiruo said, “Xiaofei, we will adjust the training mode from now on.”


Long Xiruo added righteously, “The next step in your cultivation is to find the Young Master Zixing of Greedy Wolf Clan in this city.”


Long Xiruo didn’t give Mo Xiaofei any room for comments. She directly threw out the Young Master Zixing’s portrait obtained from the two Greedy Wolf Clan warriors. She looked at Mo Xiaofei and said, “Take this portrait and look for him. Listen, your superpowers are average mind power. There is no particularly strong aspect to it, but it also means that you can become strong in any direction. Searching for someone is good training.”

You’re right, but…

Mo Xiaofei looked at the portrait given by his teacher. This portrait is seemingly a product of soul-painting…

Those two Greedy Wolf Clan warriors are probably soul painters!

*Ahem.* Long Xiruo said sternly, “Xiaofei, you’re my student. Although I can’t publicly announce it yet, don’t shame our sect, so please work hard!”

Since it isn’t announced yet, it doesn’t affect anything, right?

Mo Xiaofei sighed and asked curiously, “By the way, teacher, do we really have a sect? May I ask what our sect is?”

“Sect…The full name of our sect is too long. I’m afraid you can’t remember it.” Long Xiruo said earnestly, “Let’s just call it Spirit…”


Long Xiruo glanced at the bookshelf at the back of the office, did not find a suitable one, and simply named it, “Spirit… Sect!”

Spirit sect… Memorial tablet? [1]

Teacher, are you sure?

“Yes, Spirit Sect! From now on, you will be the founding disciple of Spirit Sect!”

“I think I will go out and look for the missing person first.”

A ma.s.s of gray-white clay on the turntable was stretched out in continuous rotation, forming a simple bottle shape.

Both hands could control the appearance of this clay freely, like a creator. This was the reason why Hou Chen Yuhan was interested in becoming a potter.

In the pottery cla.s.sroom, soft music was playing.

Hou Chen Yuhan had her thoughts wandering. An abrupt student’s voice alerted her, “Teacher, your clay foundation is goof-up.”

Hou Chen Yuhan was taken aback with her hand trembling slightly. The clay foundation that could have been rescued had turned into a mess at once.

Hou Chen Yuhan looked at it, stunned for a while, and then turned off the turntable. At this time, the students composed of wives all looked at Hou Chen Yuhan in a puzzled manner. This was the first time it happened.

“Teacher, are you feeling unwell?” a married wife asked curiously.

Hou Chen Yuhan did have a pale complexion today; she didn’t sleep well, most likely. Her thoughts seemed to wander off a lot. Hearing what the students said, Hou Chen Yuhan shook her head and said apologetically, “I’m sorry everyone, I am a little absent-minded today. But don’t worry, today’s cla.s.s hours are not counted. I will supplement another cla.s.s in return. ”

“Teacher, the cla.s.s time doesn’t matter. You’re more important. What’s wrong with you?” The housewives became curious, “Did you quarrel with your husband? It’s fine. Tell us about it. I often quarrel with my husband too!”

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