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Volume 8 – Chapter 24: Take Off

“… Finally, I killed Nero.”

Borrowing the communication equipment retrieved from Nero, Kuck was communicating with the organization.

There was silence as they listened to Kuck’s report. After a long time, a voice was heard, “The tyrant has been difficult to control, but for such a long time, only Nero can inherit the Yama Knife. However, she can only blame herself for this matter. Since she successfully provoked you, she should bear the consequences of her own death… En, as long as Yama Knife has been recovered. Kuck, since the mission in the East has failed, you should come back immediately.”

“I understand,” Kuck responded indifferently.

On the table were his treasured spear and the rusty Yama Raja word. After Kuck turned off the communicator, he placed it next to the spear and the sword.

He got a bucket of warm water and wring it out after the towel was soaked.

San Er and Xiaozhi were placed on the chairs now. He wiped the traces of San Er’s face with a towel, then wiped Xiaozhi’s face. This man’s pain was undoubtedly shown in his movements.

Because he was so gentle.

He who recovered his memory was quite clear about one thing. He didn’t love this woman… Only a man named Mark had an unusual feeling for San Er.

“My original name was Kuck.”

When San Er and Xiaozhi’s bodies were arranged to make them look like they were asleep, Kuck sat next to him and began to wipe his long spear.

“When I was three years old, someone told me that I was a resident of the Kingdom of Shadows.”

Kuck narrowed his eyes, raised his long spear calmly to the level of his sight, and wiped it off gently.

“But where is the Kingdom of Shadows? I never knew. Later, a woman took me in, took me to a snowy peak, and trained me there.”

“That happened when I was about ten years old. I personally killed a bear on the snowy peak.”

He said something that he had never said to others, a memory that was his own.

“I just lived with her for fifteen years… This woman is my teacher.”

Kuck smiled lightly and continued to wipe the long spear, “In my opinion, she is not only my teacher but also a woman who is very important to me. I can’t say it’s love, but she’s someone I can’t live without.”

“It’s called Gáe-bolg. This is what she gave me; the only thing she gave me.”

“I have been looking for her all these years.”

Kuck took a deep breath and remained silent for a long time before softly exhaling, saying indifferently, “That’s fine, let Mark stay with you here forever.”

“In conclusion, I am a person who is not very lucky.”

He sat quietly. After a while, he stood up and packed up the weapons and some equipment. He had always been like a traveler.

Since he was a traveler, naturally he would leave after a short stay. Kuck remembered that the woman who gave him everything had said; don’t pursue her anymore, because he will encounter something worth cheris.h.i.+ng one day.

“But it will also be destroyed, right… teacher.”

Kuck smiled sorrowfully. After packing his things, he finally looked at the mother and daughter on the chair and opened the sliding door of the living room… and left.

“Turn on the lights first! You will knock into things! Xiaozhi!!!”


“Got it, Mom!”

When the fluorescent lamp in the store lit up, Kuck stiffened his whole body… Is it a dream?

“Uncle Mark! You are back!” The little girl hurriedly kicked off her shoes at the place in the front store, and rushed to Kuck’s side.

Is it… a dream?

“Are you back? Are you hungry? Let me make some food for you?” San Er still hid her expression, but asked softly.

Is it… a dream?

Kuck looked back subconsciously at the living room, on the chair… He didn’t know when, but only a pile of sand was left.

“Uncle Mark! Why is there so much sand in the house?” Xiaozhi pulled Kuck’s trousers, raised her head, and asked.

“That’s right!” San E

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