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Not long after, Cheng Yiran came back to Zhong Luochen's house and told him about the matter that happened in the club.

But he did not tell him about the other restriction that he did not understand, besides the disadvantage of the range.

He did not know what 'the magical power will disappear as the song in your heart changes' meant.

The song in his heart.

"Did he say it like that?"

Zhong Luochen fell into thought about the last sentence from that mysterious businessman.

Cheng Yiran felt that when he was silent, this rich businessman, Mr. Zhong, who owned a large amount of wealth, was extremely frightening.

He felt that he was looking at a fake man.

"I think he is right." Cheng Yiran said indifferently, "Since you are a customer, why don't you go there yourself? Instead of asking me to inquire about your questions."

Zhong Luochen replied, "You felt that I treated you as a chess piece and hence feel discontented, right?"

Cheng Yiran's momentum had been weakened by Zhong Luochen's indifferent look. His position was much weaker than Zhong Luochen originally, having nothing except the guitar. There was nothing of his that was stronger than this man.

But he still snorted… he blamed himself that he was disturbed from the beginning, followed by his nervous actions, which could not be compared to Zhong Luochen's reaction. Zhong Luochen had experienced more big occasions as he came from a powerful family.

"I will go there if necessary."

Zhong Luochen smiled, "But the most important thing is you… Since you know the effective range of this guitar, we will be in such a bad situation as before."

"Cheng Yiran gave a start and asked, "What is your plan?"

Zhong Luochen answered as squinting his eyes, "Of course, to maximize the range… you go to sleep now and prepare for the next program 6 days later. We still have much time to prepare."

Later on, Cheng Yun came back holding Cheng Yiran's baggage. With lots of big and small bags in hand, the chief inspector of Feiyun Entertainment looked very funny.

However, just as he came back, he was ordered to go out again… It was not easy to be a top-notched follower.

"h.e.l.lo, Chief Operator… yeah, I am Cheng Yun. Our company can provide more sponsors.h.i.+ps for the next program. Requirement? Yes, of course we have… but do not worry, we will not lend a hand in the result. Yeah, don't worry, we just want to help you maximize the influence of the program. How about holding the next program in the 'Beautiful Lotus Gymnasium'? The large stage will be shocking to all the audience. And not only one, every program later will be sponsored until this season finishes!"

Of course the chief operator, who worked for 'Pear TV'(a joking name used by the real world) would say 'Great'!!

Mr. Chief Operator of Pear TV agreed without hesitation, and asked the director to come and have a talk.

But unexpectedly, the director frowned and disagreed.

"Chief! The result will not be good if we do this. If something is wrong with singers' voice, it will be spread over to every corner of the s.p.a.ce through the sound system. If we do not record it in a small s.p.a.ce, it will lose its original meaning of this program."

"I only want the audience rating! And you need to work this way! That will be enough!"

The director sighed and felt helpless working under such an inst.i.tution. He could only work as instructed.

So, just do the work as instructed.

b.u.mp, b.u.mp.

"Well… a freshman knocked out the old boss eh?"

On an old town bus, a young lady with weird clothes, gray hair, and was chewing gum attracted many pa.s.sengers' attention.

"Freshmen are all from the monster series… how boring."

Nero slid her finger on the cellphone screen---the town bus was too slow and she had to waste time on refres.h.i.+ng the Internet news.

Time pa.s.sed, the sleepy Nero was awakened by the old driver and

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