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Volume 9 – Chapter 36: Nostalgic

When Boss Luo returned with a basket full of Osmanthus flowers, a group of people gathered in the living room. All of whom were older than him. Luo Qiu could recall the impressions and names of some but others were very vague to him.

These people were discussing something. Uncle Luo Shan held the phone and spoke with someone at the moment.

Luo Shan was not there. She was in Grandma Xiaochun’s room at this time… and the door was closed.

These people probably saw Luo Qiu, but none of them greeted him. On the contrary, uncle Luo San covered the phone for a while and said, “Oh, this is Luo Qiu.”

Then, Luo Shan continued talking on the phone. These relatives nodded towards Luo Qiu, then whispered to each other, or frowned in thought.

Luo Qiu remembered what Grandma Xiaochun had said. After putting the basket in place, he silently delivered tea to the seniors according to seniority.

With a smile and hot tea, that would not be indifference.

“Oh…Thank you. I didn’t expect Brother Qi’s children to be so grown up. I haven’t seen you for a long time. Next time, come to Uncle’s house for a visit.”

Yes, it was just a question of initiative or otherwise… Whether it was sincere or in vain, Luo Qiu cared only because it was the old man’s expectation.

“If there is a chance.” Luo Qiu responded.

At this moment, an elderly man suddenly said, “Luo San, I say, since mom was woken up now, it’s better to ask her clearly what she means? This is to avoid quarreling in the future and hurt our feelings.”

The other man sitting opposite frowned and said, “Can you keep quiet at a time like this? Do you have to go so far for this one-third of an acre land?”

“You can’t say that. Now that the huge development is going on. It doesn’t mean that our land will not be next in line tomorrow!” He emphasized, “Oh, can you guarantee that you won’t jump at that chance straightaway then?”

“That’s right!” The elderly woman sitting next to him helped him, “Our daughter-in-law is working in the government. She heard that the news indicates that this year…”

But before she finished speaking, she was interrupted – Her husband stepped on her toes quietly.

“Wait, Second Sister-In-Law…Have you heard the news?”

“No, no, it was just a rumor. It came from the outside,” said the woman. “I don’t know whether it’s true or not. Besides, who can give an accurate picture of this policy? I just thought in case there is such a policy. Better to get ready early.”

“Fine, don’t say anything now. When Luo Shan comes out, we’ll ask about the situation.” Luo Shan gave a stare, “I have contacted the hospital, and they can send an ambulance.”

“I think it must be terminal lucidity,” The woman murmured at this time. “It will be better to prepare for the funeral.”

“Stop talking!”

Several pairs of eyes glared at her. The woman then shrank her neck.

Luo Qiu did not bother with the conversation, having returned to the kitchen earlier.

“What are you looking for?” Luo San’s voice came from behind Luo Qiu’s back abruptly.

“Um… flour.” Luo Qiu turned around, “Grandma Xiaochun mentioned she wants to make Tang Yuan [1]. So, I want to prepare first and save her work.”

Luo San froze for a moment. Between the folds of her eyebrows, she looked at the relative of the same generation in front of her, who she had not been in contact with puzzledly, and asked, “You…you don’t seem to be anxious at all?”

Luo Qiu whispered, “No matter how anxious you are, some things still need to be done. Certain things can’t be stopped.”

“Are you trying to rationalize?” Luo San glanced at Luo Qiu indifferently, shook her head, and said, “No matter what, I won’t agree that you a.s.sume responsibility for my grandma… Whether as a doctor or as a granddaughter, in terms of the severity of the matter, I hope you can figure it out by yourself.”

“Indeed, I didn’t consider your feelings.” Luo Qiu no

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